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Swap the position of Repair Party & Engine Boost on St. Louis & Henri IV please

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I know it is impossible to standardize consumables so each 1 has it's own place as there is so many consumables & so few places you can assign them...& most importantly how do you decide which ship type gets to use the standard TYU buttons for it's consumables & which ship types get stuck w/those being "blank keys" & needing to stretch to the IO or even GHJ keys (or whatever other impractical solution which would have to be devised).


But on these 2 French cruisers we have 2 consumables that look almost exactly alike that are right next to each other:


Those being the Engine Boost & the Repair Party.


Ideally it would be nice if 1 of the 2 icons could have a drastic change to make it more discernable from the other but in lieu of that (& even if you drastically change 1 of them please consider this anyway) can you switch the places they are in & here's why I ask...

Repair Party is a pretty standard consumable on a lot of cruisers & Engine Boost is a specialized consumable that the only cruisers that get it are the French line (at least on the tech tree...there may be a premium or 2 that also has it I don't know) & it is more natural to suppose that the Repair Party would be the 1st 1 & the Engine Boost would be the 2nd because on most other ships the standard consumables get the 1st left slots & the specialized consumables get the farther right keys.

I'm assuming these 2 ships are the most easily at the top of the list for all the requests for "standardized consumables". There are others of course but this just seems like a no brainer that the standard & specialized lookalike consumables should have been swapped on these 2 ships from the beginning.

Your consideration on the matter would be greatly appreciated & I thank you in advance.


Edit: I don't have the French BBs at high enough tier to know if they are set up the same way but I do know that they also have both of those consumables & if they are set up the same way please switch them too.

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Depending on what efforts you want to go to, you could swap the hotkeys. If you play them enough to memorize their position, swap the keys so that consumable 3 is key t and consumable 2 is y 


(Numbers and letters made up on the spot). 


I know that's a bit far fetched, but it's a possible solution. Personally I would be against swapping standardization 

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On 8/25/2018 at 10:50 AM, SlartiBartFastE2 said:

I agree that making icons look more different would help - should be easy cosmetic change as well

Should be some mods out there for that?

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ideally it should be hydro/repair/ either speed boost or main battery boost / whatever left


over time, when player get use to the key, they will just remember it

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