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Henri + Main Batterie Reload Booster

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Henri was a really fun ship to play before but now it has a really good burst potential for competitive.


This is my first game in Henri after a little break and it really feels good to be able to almost reach Des Moines level of punishement with those 240mm guns. 


First kill was a Kurfurst pushing on B.  I shot 1 salvo and started 1 fire. He damage control that single fire. I use that MBRB and in just 15 sec I started 3 fire. I'll admit, that was some good RNG here but still.  15 sec seems really short at first glance but that window is actually good enough to bully your target. Especially when you spot DD. Henri isn't particulary good at hunting DD because of its BB concealment, its floaty and slow shell and its long reload but with this mod, you can quite comfortably rush smoke and wipe any DD inside that smoke. This is just really fun. 


I didn't tried other French CA with reload booster but it will definitely attract people who are pretty good at anticipating ennemi movement.  Does it need a nerf ? Considering it's too recent, I don't think I can give any oppinion on that but personnally, I think it's good as it is right now. It forces people to accurately choose their target. In that game for instance, I used my MBRB twice on that Kurfurst. The first one to cook him and the second one because he was showing broadside and I had AP loaded. I did killed him but if I didn't wasted the consummable on that Kurfust I would have killed him by fire AND I would have killed the Atago sailing broadside on the other side of the map. And when I was fighting that Atago, I kinda regretted because he spotted me so I couldn't punish him but also my MB booster was on cooldown and I had to wait a minute. 


Anyway, I'm glad they added this consummable. I wonder if they play to do it on French BB though. République shooting every 10 sec might be hilariously strong 





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Thanx for reminding me...I was waiting for update to continue my legendary upgrade grind for that so I could do it w/the consumable (not that I will use the upgrade but the consumables on the way & the camos will be much quicker to grind to now w/it).

Ran it on the PT...& of course it will be a lot harder to sneak up on DD is their smoke on regular server than it was on the PT...but once you do & pop that boost pop that hydro & pop that reload it makes insanely quick work of DD elimination...but it is definitely more advantageous if done from up close for accuracy benefits so make absolutely sure to have adrenalin rush skilled to make the most out of it & give you the best chance for getting back out of dodge to heal up (as people tend to protect their DDs in Randoms better than on the PT).

Found it works best if you don't use it on DD as soon as spotted but wait for it to smoke so you can sneak right up to it & blast it away so you just become invisible again after it dies (disclaimer...positioning is key & your results may vary...& as I stated before...that was the PT & in Randoms my results too may vary).

As for giving that much advantage to a BB...no please.

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I will say, with that reload booster, just has made the henri so fun to play. Playing ranked, I managed to catch a yamato coming around the corner with 6 citidels in his check. Its still takes damage hard but thats what happens when everyone is firing at you, but thats why you need pt with ifa when playing so you can dodge all of those battleship guns. My last couple of games have been scoring me an avarage of 150k to 175k, as any cruiser or battleship that shows side can really be punished hard with main battery reload. Makes me very happy. 

As for a battleship with the consumible, there is the jean bart, which is a terror to play against and i have heard rumors of an alcase with reload booster as a tier 10 prem, which would be scary. 12 380's every 15 seconds for 30 seconds is scary, (jean barts reload booster goes for 30 sec).

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