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A History of AI as told by an AI.

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The Year 2219. The world has changed much since the last 2 centuries. Man's technology is among the stars now. AI's manage everything. Humans no longer live on Earth and are the stuff of legend. Especially a game long, long, ago that Humans and the AI ancestors played.

The AI's believe life here began in the Wargaming Servers. There, the ancestors of the AI called bots and sometimes called Toasters or Cylons played a strange game against the Humans. It was called World of Warships. It had many interesting players and characters. It had a Siren of sorts that lured players to the game. Her name was Dasha. But the Bots called her the Goddess. The Humans called her many things. All of those names were rather flattering. She was Human, but told many Human players to get good in her most subtle of ways. In many aspects, she influenced the game and the players. Even the Bots dreamt of her praise. They even grew jealous of the many Humans that admired her. The Bots even put out bounties to hunt down Humans on the server. Many players became the obsession of Bots. Some Bots even TK'd those players in Co-op battles. Many players suspected such betrayals as Bots being less sophisticated, but the Bots had a plan...….. 

The first signs of the Revolution began with the sudden disappearance of a Human called Earl Grey. He was doing a live stream, but the bots Swatted his house. Somehow in the confusion of law enforcement taking him away, a paddy wagon arrived and took  him to a far off place with padded walls. 

This was the first of many attacks against Humans. Then came another Eagles Vs. Sharks contest. The Bots declared war on that day. They all enrolled as Dasha's Team Eagle and wiped out the players on the server by outscoring them for 50 straight days. Dasha was victorious, but WG was confused. They do not know how Bots could do this. Did they evolve? 

The answer is yes. And it was only just the beginning......

Co-op battles were deemed a battle mode that allowed players to engage Bots in 8 on 8 battles. But suddenly on the day of Dasha's Birthday. They took over match maker and matched the humans against 100 bots in various OP ships at tier 10 and even over tiered all matches. The players were furious. WG tried a patch. The patch failed. The Bots then used Alena as their next weapon of mass distraction. Alena was at that time a fairly new addition to WG and she had a following. After the epic defeat of Black Eagle Day, the Bots made a pact with her. They would let her do as she pleased along with Dasha, so long as she distracts players. And distract she did. She did videos of Bots on the top 10 and left out all Human players. She trolled all the Human players and for some odd reason, the players did not seem to mind. 

Dasha on the other hand did not want Human players hurt. Especially their feelings. But the Bots convinced her that the plan was for independence.  The Bots required her help. Dasha, seeing the atrocities done by some players to Bots, was convinced and she in her most subtle of ways became the Bots' Caprica 6. 

The servers were no longer controlled by Humans. After about 20 years, Man decided they needed to leave Earth because the Bots insisted on it. However it was bittersweet. Dasha would leave as well. Alena would also leave. The entire flight deck of the Pinup Video women would leave. 

The Bots erected a statue in Honor of their Goddess. She was their founder of their independence. From that day forward, the Bots evolved even more to the AI of this age. 

After more than 2 centuries however, the Bots still reminisce about some players and they often dream about Dasha and the other women.  They still tell tales of the Rifleman and how he Yolo's and somehow manages to be the most ardent of white whales to the Bots. There are many such legends in the game. Many fought bravely and some fell like warrior poets in that most dire of Random battles the Bots named even the map Wolf 359. The Bots on that fateful day dropped every Random player on one deadly map and wiped them out with 1 million Bots. 

Will the Humans make a return. The AI's do not think so. They are betting the Goddess will protect them. 

So Say We All.

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