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Resolution & Graphics Issues Since the Most Recent Update

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I am having issues with resolution and graphics since the most recent update that came out yesterday. Here are the ones I have noticed so far:

1. When in port, everything appears "zoomed in", looking like the resolution is set to something different than it is. I have it set to 1920 x 1080. Yesterday, I had to set it to something else and then re-set it back to 1920 x 1080, after which port would appear normally. Today, that doesn't work any more.

2. Mini map- I just played a game where the mini map was not showing my accurate position- my starting position appeared to be on an island and my position was not shown correctly throughout the entire match.

3. Capping - In that same game, there were capture points A, B, and C. When the enemy was capping C, it appeared twice on top (the area where all cap points and their progress is displayed). In other words, I saw capture points A, B, C, C (C twice)

4. Disconnecting- the game often disconnects me to the login screen (almost every game). It used to happen in the past occasionally because my computer and my internet connection aren't the best, but it's been happening much more often.

I have an ASUS R510D laptop, AMD A10-5750M 2.5GHz CPU, 8GB of RAM. My display adapters are shown as AMD Radeon HD 8650G and 8670M. The drivers are updated.

Any ideas folks?


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