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Ranked 1v1 Mode, Game needs it!

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Disclaimer*** This topic is about ranked 1v1 of the same ship type, meaning Yamato vs Yamato, not Yamato vs Shima. 


Everyone loves 1v1 engagements, I know BB players do, they are always wanting to go 1v1 against another BB, yet rarely get the chance. WG needs to introduce a 1v1 ranked mode that runs along the normal ranked season. The way it would work is that each day you have the chance to 1v1 in one of three ships. So day one could be Yamato, Zao, Gearing.  They could change the ships over the 45 day period each day so that all ships have one day. They could do it like the sharks vs eagles where they keep a tally of the score, and give prizes for top 1k , 100, 25 ect... Maybe have a badge for the top player that is the same badge but says the ship name that you were the best on.  But basically you would Q up in the ship and be put 1v1 against someone of the same ship. 


They should make the map a small Ocean map where you can't run and hide that easy, Points for winner, ramming is a draw. 


I don't know why we don't have a 1v1 mode or event because God it would be fun!

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8 minutes ago, LemonadeWarrior said:

Zao versus Zao. One Zao sets a fire with every shot and the other one doesn't. So much fun.
More salt is really what the game needs...


I imagine ranked will already be very unfun for those that don't have legendary modules yet. 

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