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Can we get a "Whines too much in Chat" report?

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Can we get a report for all of these whiners?  Tired of all these children who didn't do as good as they thought they should have and whine on the chat about how this teammate or that teammate robbed them, or caused them to die.  It gets pretty annoying to be trying to enjoy a game when you notice in chat how some so called teammate is [edited] about how you caused them to be killed or 'stole' their kill.  Last time I checked one of the keys to winning a match here was teamwork.  When several people are shooting at an enemy ship and then a teammate comes around an island and gets an angle to hit this ship and fires at it there is usually going to be someone who is going to complain about someone 'stealing' Their kill.  Then you have the ones who complain anbout how someone turned into them.  These individuals don't care that this other player was maneuvering to avoid enemy fire just like they were and that they weren't paying anymore attention to others than the one who 'turned' into them.

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Interesting points but it can also be abused. Its  matter of opinion what a whiner is, for example. I can say a constructive observation in the beginning of the match like

  • Load HE BBs, with 2 cruisers and a 5 DD match there is no guarantee of your survival.

Guess what happens.... Yup 3 red DDs manage to survive, no cruisers to help. Then I add my constructive observations

  • I called it from the start, DD fail, BB fail and including me, cruiser fail in not playing the objective.

Now, some would say I am complaining/whining. In fact, I had a BB player tell me that even when I called out the events were about to happen based on the match set up. That is one example.

  • The Kill steal example I agree its petty and selfish.
  • The cruisers/DDs who spit torps without targeting yeah that gets annoying as well.

I recommend chat block, I mean some times its warrented when all you want to do is just have fun blowing pixel-ed   ships up.


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