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I just want to say that WoWS has by far the best and most consistent events and community engagement out of the WG portfolio.  You guys really stole me from WoT, despite having a greater affinity for the speed and mechanics of WoT matches and far, far more spending over there.  So good work.

That said, I really feel one area needs to be revisited and that is the pacing or sometimes lack of what you might call mini events (on weekends in particular), especially as it meshes with the new daily system and ongoing long-term events.

As an aside, while there are lessons to be learned from the Sharks blow-out with the ending of Go Navy, I think the event overall was rewarding and I chalk most of my frustration up to being so far behind as a player in terms of having no T9/10 ships to speed along progress.  You also seem willing not just to try new things but also adjust based on how they go and learn lessons when compared to previous events of a similar style, which means a lot as a customer.

Back on topic though, the daily system is not really gaining any traction for me personally and the lack of typical low-key weekend events (some themed minor sale, few missions, better first win bonuses, etc.) leaves me a bit wanting for weekend play sessions, especially if the long term campaign/event progress has stalled or is time-gated even if it is otherwise good content.  It perhaps doesn't help that the daily rewards are seemingly random and some weekend days we end up with less interesting rewards.

I feel like if you either enhanced and allowed prize selection for daily missions on weekends, or combined it with some normal weekend special it would help out a lot in driving up playtime and general activity which only helps the game grow (esp Twitch where WoWS engagement seems pretty low).  The key point I would make is the long-term events get me to log in and sometimes play at least a round every day, but they are typically capped at fairly casual involvement each day, or scale to a committed daily grind very quickly.  The gap I'm referring to is usually after the third daily crate (for me) on weekends.  By this point I've burned through the few daily bonuses I care about that day, generally probably a bit frustrated if I'm playing underperforming ships trying to grind past them and I'm out of instant gratification for the day.  I'd really like something to work towards here.  Coal especially seems like a great opportunity here (coal weekends!) as I have plenty I want out of the Arsenal.

TL;DR: I wish there was more instant gratification or grindable rewards to be had past the third crate on weekends where my playtime goes up.

Anyway, just my personal thoughts as we're finishing up month two worth the daily rewards.

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I can't complain.   Coming from a few other games that have had no content update in YEARS, the regular updates and activities keep me busy here.    Lots of goodies (and lots of grind).   Even if events don't go as planned - cough - Eagles/Sharks - cough, I cannot complain about that either.   Outside of the Win/loss, the program gave away goodies, and I got my perm camo, some one-time camos, and an Eagle flag to fly on my US boats (2nd flag option).   Got a few more one-time camos after switching to sharks.

And the new token campaign will start.    Time for a Dasha skipper, more camos, etc.

I do miss the tech tree sales.   Sat on my KGV forever, waiting for a UK BB discount.   Finally pulled the trigger and bought Monarch.   It's been forever since I've seen tech tree sales being advertised.

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