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My biggest beefs with ranked this season...

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Are pretty much all addressed.

1. I was concerned that the steel rewards would be given out at ranks 15, 10, 5 and 1, leading to people stopping play after reaching a lot of those ranks. However this is not the case. THey have given steel rewards for each rank, which means that people will strive for the next rank hopefully.

2. WG is giving out an arsenal coupon after the end of the season to those that rank out. It would have been nice to know that long ago in case some of us wanted to use our coupon on other ships, but now we finally can, knowing that we will get a new coupon at the end of ranked if you rank out on for the 3rd or 5th time

3. The end of the copy paste flag where the summer intern took the one design and put a new roman numeral on it is no more. However, what is that horrendous black and white conglomeration of shapes they are calling a pirate flag this season???????? Out of the hundreds of pirate flags you guys could adapt, this is what you came up with??????????


However, I still have a few annoyances with ranked.

T10  is going to lead to burnout amongst players getting tired of playing t10 for 5 out of the last 6 competitive seasons.

5 day break from CB.... Seriously WG, are you wanting to chase away players with burnout??????

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Tiers 5,6,7,8 and yes EVEN tier 9 all have deserving ships that are fun and unique to play.  We all get that grinding to tier 10 makes WG it's money to keep the lights turned on, but 4 tier 10 centric events in a ROW is too much.  2 x Clan Battles and 2 x ranked seasons focusing on tier 10 play is a drudge.  You guys went from having no tier 10 content to now forcing all the events into tier 10.  This is not displaying a real sense of balance WG.

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