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acronyms used in the game and other various things a newbie like me should know

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hey guys

i am a new member in the WOW community. and i do not know acronyms and other stuff like hydro

can any generous player define them

thank you, i'd be grateful

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hey guys, austin here... no wait.. This should be a very good thread, quite entertaining... you know though, you'll have to edit your post to consolidate them into a single list! 

hydro is about the only that comes to mind - being short for hydro-acoustic, a type of underwater listening device. 

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hydro is about the only that comes to mind - being short for hydro-acoustic, a type of underwater listening device. 

Specifically, in-game, it's for Hydroacoustic search, a Consumable on certain ships, mostly cruisers, that lets them both temporarily detect torpedoes from further away, and also causes enemy ships to be auto-detected within a certain distance - even in smoke. You still have to get in kind of close to an enemy DD for this to work - but at least you have the increased torpedo detection to help you survive it.

DB = Dive Bomber
TB = Torpedo Bomber

DD = Destroyer
CL = Light Cruiser
CA = Heavy Cruiser, or just all cruisers
BB = Battleship
CVL = Light Carrier
CV = Fleet Carrier, or just all carriers

N, S, E, W = North, South, East, West, which is probably obvious, but worth pointing out that the maps don't have actually have points of the compass and for simplicity everyone talks like North is the top of the map and South is the bottom. And yes, both teams are probably doing this at the same time, but it doesn't matter. 

Since one's hands are often pretty busy, it's pretty common to type in shorthand when using teamchat. A lot of it you just have to figure out and learn the ships classes as you go, so if someone says "help me atk Bis" they probably want you to fire at a Bismarck, or "Iso on CV" means an enemy Isokaze (a stealthy destroyer) has snuck in to near your side's carrier.

A pair of letters at the start of the game, like "AB" means someone is asking/telling about map areas they think your team should focus on. It's much better to focus on 2 then to spread out evenly among all of them and be defeated in detail.

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Hydro=SONAR=hydroacoustic sensing as VictoryInThePacific mentioned

AP=Armor piercing ammunition-

HE=High Explosive ammunition (does not penetrate well but causes fires)

AA=anti-aircraft weaponry or the total ability of a ship to shoot down aircraft

DP=Dual purpose weaponry-can shoot at planes and surface targets.

TRB=torpedo reload booster - available to some DDs (see above)

US=United States (USN = United States Navy)

IJN=Imperial Japanese Navy

KM=Kriegsmarine (German navy)

PA=Pan Asian ships (multiple Asian nations)

You often can find them strung together:

           IJN DD can have TRB but often have poor AA compared to US DD so are favored targets of CVs.

All of the captain skills generally have acronyms/abbreviations


Has to be a complete list somewhere of the commonly used ones...

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Not being a game player when I first stumbled upon this site two terms were giving me problems until I finally asked someone. A big thank you goes out to LWM...stands for Little White Mouse... for helping out a newbie.

The terms I was having trouble with was AFK and YOLO... Away from Keyboard and You only live once.

Having grown up in a military family I knew the various military acronyms but being one of the game's older dinosaurs I had not grown up playing computer games since I was 5 years old and thus was not familiar with commonly used gaming terms.

In either case, military or gaming, WoWS really does need to include a glossary of terms as part of its tutorial programs.

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Non-ship acronyms and terms you'll likely see around the forums or in chat:

YMMV - Your mileage may vary.

IMHO - In my humble opinion.

AFAIK - As far as I know.

RIP - Rest in Peace.

SS - Submarine.  These are boats, not ships, and do not exist.

WR - Win rate.

WTR - warships.today rating.

Ammo - Ammunition.

MPS - Meters per second.  Measurement of gun velocity, usually.

KM - Kilometer(s).  For some reason that's how we measure distance here.

NM - Nautical mile(s).  How distance should be measure here.  (I get it; metric is easier and probably safer by a large degree.)

KTS - Knots.  Nautical measurement of speed.  Originally measured with a knotted line and drogue.

RPM - Rounds or revolutions per minute.  Rounds for guns, revolutions for engines, shafts and screws.

ROF - Rate of fire, usually in RPM.

DPS - Damage per second.  Mostly a DD/CA/CL thing.  High ROF measurement.

DPM - Damage per minute.  Mostly a BB thing.  Low ROF/High α measurement.

DOT - Damage over time.

DCP - Damage control party.

HP - Hitpoints.

Det - Sudden release of chemical energy resulting in increased familiarity with the port screen.  Usually due to

RNG - Random number generator.

MM - Matchmaker program.  Evil voodoo magic that's been digitally encoded into the game.  Possibly the tormented soul of Rasputin himself.  A subject of some debate.


Commander Skills:

Nearly all of them are regularly abbreviated.  Learn about them here and use them to the best of your ability.


There are several others that are used on a regular basis.  Don't be afraid to ask someone to elaborate.


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12 hours ago, Mister_Rawr said:

RIP - Rest in Peace.

This is a fantastic one.  It's used when someone is making a mistake so blatantly bad that everyone on both teams sees it and watch the impending horror take place.  It's been known that some guys from both teams will say "RIP" after whoever made that big, catastrophic mistake gets rekt.  They'll say it even if the guy doing it was someone on their own team.

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GL-Good Luck
GH-Good Hunting
HF-Have Fun
BSU- Blow S@%# Up!

CITs-Citadels Devastating and Penetrating Hits.

UniCum-Really Good player (Comes from "Rare as Unicorn Cum?") Slightly guessing here.

More to follow

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