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looking for a CW clan

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Put an app into RKLES.

We are looking for dedicated clan wars players for Alpha team next season.

We have a 50% win rate with mostly B players due to most of our good players not playing in Clan Wars.

We are going to be building 2 dedicated teams for next season. And could use you.

We are mostly mature adults who play all times day or night.

Mic required.

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Good Evening Beejebes!


Are you as excited for clan battles and ranked season in WOWS as I am?  Are you looking for some good div mates and a low drama clan experience? Then look no further than TEARZ.  We were one of the original test clans so we have been around the block.  We expanded our clan from Wot to Wows and I'm on the lookout for new members.  All you need to have is a desire to help be part of a team of great clan members.  We don't really have any strict requirements except to not be toxic towards our community, be active, and open minded, so take advantage of our fully stocked port now while you can!  


Things I'd like to see from recruits:

  • Ability to use TS3 for team events even if its w/o a mic vs20.tserverhq.com:9006
  • Ability to put the team over ones self... take a shot to keep guns in the game.
  • Take ownership of your clan... be respectful and teach to the Wows community otherwise it will end up like Wot chats.
  • Take the lead when your comfortable... I like analyzing players for officer rolls so take advantage and I will lead you by example.
  • Be willing to learn and teach... we can't all be pros if we don't work together.


I am the Commander of TEARZ and was the former founder and XO of ORBIT so with TEARZ being new feel free to check my creds in both clans.  Join while my clans recruiting promotion is still going on and you can win a free prize after 30 days of active play.



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