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and now for something completely different...

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So just out of curiosity and as a little experiment, I decided to take all five battleship lines in the game and pit them against each other with one twist, instead of one from each tier I decided to only take the Battleship class's that saw service and pit them against each other to see what will happen if they where to unleash there full might against each other so as you guess I'm throwing in game balance out the window so don't use the results as a basis for a balanced related argument please but before we begin I'll lay out the rules, scenario, and roster for each fleet that this experimented operated on just in case any of you want to replicate this:

Map: Ocean 

Game Mode: Epicenter

Time: 60 minutes

AI Difficulty: High


  1. The Battleship-Class must have at least one member serve in a navy so no Montana's allow 
  2. The Battleship-Class must be in the tech tree, sorry Nelson
  3. If there is a premium Battleship that is a member of a Battleship class that follows the previous two rules but it is not of the same tier it is excluded, bye tier 9 Musashi 
  4. Anime ships are allowed if they follow the previous three rules (so ARP Kongo's are allowed)
  5. Each navy is only allowed 12 ships... cause of the limitations of the training room, 15 man team training room option when WG?
  6. Each matchup is decided by one round of combat

USN Roster:
Iowa-Class (Tier 9): USS Iowa BB-61, USS New Jersey  BB-62, USS Missouri BB-63, USS Wisconsin BB-64 ( USS Illinois BB-65 and USS Kentucky BB-66 are not included due to being scrapped before being completed)
North Carolina-Class (Tier 8): USS North Carolina BB-55, USS Washington BB-56
Colorado-Class (Tier 7): USS Colorado BB-45, USS Maryland BB-46, USS West Virginia BB-48 (the reason why USS Washington is not included is that it was not commissioned due to the signing of Washington Naval Treaty)
New Mexico-Class (Tier 6): USS New Mexico BB-40, USS Mississippi BB-41, USS Idaho BB-42


IJN Roster: 
Yamato-Class (Tier 10): Yamato, Musashi (Shinano is not included due to being converted into an aircraft carrier)
Nagato-Class (Tier 7): Nagato, Mutsu
Fusō-Class (Tier 6): Fusō, Yamashiro
Kongō-Class (Tier 5): Kongō, Hiei, Kirishima, Haruna
 Kawachi-class (Tier 3): Kawachi, Settsu


KM Roster: 
Bismarck-Class (Tier 8): Bismarck, Tirpitz
Scharnhorst(Gneisenau)-class (Tier 7): Scharnhorst, Gneisenau
Bayern-class (Tier 6): SMS Bayern, SMS Baden ( SMS Württemberg and SMS Sachsen are not included due to not being completed and were scrapped due to WWI ended)
König-class (Tier 5): SMS König, SMS Grosser Kurfürst, SMS Markgraf, SMS Kronprinz
Kaiser-class (Tier 4): SMS Kaiser, SMS Friedrich der Grosse    (no not the Tier 9 one)


RN Roster:
King George V-Class (Tier 7): HMS King George V, HMS Prince of Wales,  HMS Duke of York, HMS Anson, HMS Howe
Queen Elizabeth-Class (Tier 6): HMS Queen Elizabeth, HMS Warspite, HMS Valiant, HMS Barham, HMS Malaya
Iron Duke-class (Tier 5): HMS Iron Duke, HMS Marlborough


MN  (Marine Nationale):
Richelieu-Class (Tier 8): Richelieu, Jean Bart
Bretagne-Class (Tier 5): Provence, Lorraine, Bretagne 
Courbet-Class (Tier 4):  Courbet, France, Jean Bart, Paris


(just to save space and time all match up results will be cover under a spoiler)




Result: USN Win

AN: so I'm not entirely sure how it happen but there was a Yamato class (probably Musashi) that died to a New Mexico (probably USS Idaho)





Result: USN win




Result: USN win

AN: i'm starting to see a trend here....




Result: USN Win

AN: this is the most one-sided slaughter I have seen... ever...





Result: RN win

RN vs KM



Result: RN Win

AN: just on a personal note it's funny how during the fight the AI's where basically playing at the mid-range robbing the German's of there best advantage which was there brawling capability 


RN vs MN



Result: RN win

AN: throughout this experiment, the RN AI did nothing but spam AP, and it turns out not to be that bad despite only half of the ships had a gun caliber bigger than 14 inches





Result: KM Win

AN: this was the only match that was decided by points and not kills, also I'm still not sure how I survive 





Result: IJN win

KM vs MN



Result: KM win

AN: all I have to say is that the current state of the historical French BB fleet in WoWS is just sad, the fact there this heavily outnumber and outgun and get roflestomp that badly makes me wonder how the Italians and Russians will fare if they get added


Final Result:

(order by most wins)

USN: 4-0

RN: 3-1

KM: 2-2

IJN: 1-3

MN: 0-4

my god, its like there is some pattern here...:cap_old:

oh well these are the results of the experiment, if you wish to repeat it please do so and who knows, maybe it will go completely different or not... oh well now on to figure out another completely useless training room experiment idea... 

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There's another trend going on here...

The team you played for always won.


That's a major issue to consider, since the player is better than the bot. Either you need to run each matchup twice with you on each side once, or you need to remove yourself from the battle (kill yourself in a CV is the usual way)

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I actually did this myself a while back, except I used a dd and hid in a corner and the results were fairly even once you played the team's against each other a few times. I will say the USN did better but I think that had to do with uniform speed because the other nations ships that got to far ahead are focused down

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