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Hindenburg Legendary Mod Setup- How to be fireproofed

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Finally got the Legendary module. Set it up per Flamu with a few tweaks of my own:



Note that the legendary mod is in slot 5. You give up concealment, giving you a concealment value of 13.7 km. Damage control mod 2 in slot 4. I use hydro mod 1 in slot 2 or you can place damage control mod 1. You can place MBM1 or spotter mod 1 in slot 1. Slot 6 you can emphasize reload speed or range. MBM3 gives you a base of 9.7 seconds at a max range of 17.8 km. Also place India Yankee and Juliet Yanke Bisstwo flags


CO skills are as follows:



So add the Basics of Survivability. Here's the result of the second match with this build.




I didn't use Damage control to see how well it works.  Only 2 fires at 1798 fire damage. The only ship I found you have to worry is the Conqueror at close range since I forgot that a Conq can cit a hindy with HE under 10 km.

Just remember you're fire resistant, not invulnerable. Secondary fire becomes less scary since you're not going to get set on fire that easily. Too bad WG didn't put this in the BB. imagine having this module on the Kurfurst or Republique.

So it's definitely worth getting it use in ranked clan Battles.



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Yup, that's a pretty good legendary mod, with clear strengths and weaknesses. I use all the things to reduce the fire duration except the upgrade on slot 4, as I like the steering gears better, especially combined with the rudder shift time reduction on the legendary mod itself, allows me to angle easily against BBs and tank even more damage. It really makes Hindenburg a pocket battleship in that sense, as it's bloody hard to sink it, but it's easy to see and avoid it.

I also found funny that at first glance I didn't even looked at the main battery repair time reduction, but in the middle of a brawl one of my turrets got knocked out and I thought "welp, guess I'll be under gunned now", and then when I look back at it, it's fully functional again :Smile_teethhappy:

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The thing is that the biggest threat to Hindenburg is still BB APs in random battles. As you can see, you only got hit by 2 fires.

It might be more useful in clan battles but giving up concealment is still a big loss.

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I really like the unique upgrade for the Hindenburg, but I've had to make an important adjustment because of the increased detection range.  Specifically, I've switched to using the Gun Fire Control System Modification 2 (i.e., longer range) in slot 6 so that I can fire from greater range.  With the Main Battery Modification 3 (i.e., faster reload), I found there was too narrow a region I could operate, put fire on targets and yet still be able to dip back into concealment if I was focused.  Changing to longer range allows me to survive more regularly and for longer periods, meaning I can do more damage.  So no, with the slot 6 upgrade change, I have not seen my damage averages decline.

There are enough new HE-spammers--specifically the USN light cruisers--that I do get set on fire with decent regularity.  I have needed to recondition myself to not instinctively reach for the Damage Control key when I'm set on fire.  80+% of the time, I ignore the fire.

I posted a replay with commentary on my findings of the unique upgrade.  It does require adjustment in play style to use effectively.  I don't play enough competitive to know whether the upgrade would be viable in Clan Wars, etc., so would be curious to hear opinions from those who do play competitively.


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