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Advice on Roon captain skills for Expert Marksman

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So I got the Roon recently after the nerf and having a bit of trouble with it. All commentaries I found on youtube was before the nerf telling how it has great gun reload. Now with 10 sec reload I am very tempted to get the 6th equip for the buff in reload (to 9.7s ugh) but at a very heavy price in turret traverse.  So I want to get the expert marksman instead of 10% reduction in damage control, but wasn't sure if it is worth it. I think the turret traverse is slow but haven't played other heavy cruisers to compare it to or if the ship needs it at all. Any suggestions?

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Hi Carbapenem_17, as a KM cruiser main, I don't recommend EM on the Roon, whether you take the Main Battery Modification 3 upgrade or something else.  The turret traverse on the Roon with Main Battery Modification 3 is 25.4s, which is still faster than any other nations' heavy cruiser.  Adding EM only brings it down to a little less than 24s, so EM really isn't buying much.

For upgrades on my Roon, I have historically mounted MAM1, HSM1, AAGM2, SGM2, CSM1, MBM3.  This maximizes concealment (11.1km) and RoF (9.7s), and represents probably the most common upgrade selection of players.

I recently changed my upgrade selection, so now I mount MAM1, HSM1, AAGM2, PM2, SGM3, GFCSM2.  While this increases my detection to 12.3km (same as best-concealed Hindenburg), it allows a much larger area of operation due to the longer firing range, and the increased maneuverability allows me to kite and position more effectively.  So far, I have not seen a decline in my average damage; my lifetime average damage has slightly increased since I made the changes.

The skills for my Roon commander are:  PT, EL, DC, AR, BFT, SI, AFT, CE.  I have a heavy AA focus because I take the KM hydro and not DF.

I hope this helps!

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