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do I lose spotter plane b hull chapayev?

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now after the cruiser update and the upgrade slot changes I want to know do I lose spotter plane if I upgrade to b hull chapayev?

I already have tested and see that radar is now available with the a hull, just dont want to lose the spotter plane option if I decide to upgrade to the b hull, and I want to know what other advantages b hull brings other than hp upgrade and how much of a difference the b hull seems to make in gameplay and how to best use it.

also have the same question about upgrading to b hull on cleveland (had the b hull on cleveland and gun upgrade and wasnt too happy it was taken away in the last update, if you earned something it shouldnt be taken away, and then they throw the a hull tier 8 in battles full of tier 10 bb's and other ships were it barely has a prayer).

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B hull - hidden Russian upgrade, you get more hit point = you survive longer, more chances to WASD hack, you get radar and the range is 11.7km which the whole team will appreciated greatly if use at the right time right place

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