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More Resource Container Breakdown

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I can't remember which thread it was, but after said unmentioned thread, I started tracking the output of the More Resource Container option.

I created a spread sheet, where all you have to do is input what item appeared in each slot, by way of placing an "x" (without quotations), and the calculations are done automatically on a different sheet. The total of a specific resource, and the average obtained per crate is calculated. What is also calculated, is the number of times where coal shows up in all three slots, and the average for such a thing, as well as the number of times free experience shows up in slots 2 and 3.

I have uploaded this spreadsheet (I love spreadsheets) to the internet, in which there is are two sets of unclaimed sheets, that are numbered, to show which sheet are paired with which. One sheet for the data input, the other for the number crunching. More sheets can easily be added, and if I set up the permissions correctly, anyone should be able to create their own sheets.

Click here to view <--- all those who clicks this link should have proper permission to make edits to unprotected sheets.

Grand Total Sheet is protected and thus only I am allowed to edit (at least I hope I am).

Let's get these numbers to staggering heights :cap_haloween:

I may also do one up for all the other container options, for the 3 free containers, with exception to try your luck, some time in the future.

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