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T-61 sale efficiency

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So here's a breakdown of the new sale. You click the button, spend $100 in doubloons (25,000 doubloons) in the next three days, and get a free T-61 (~$25), 15x Type 59 camos (~$10), and 10x all regular signal flags ($???) in addition to whatever you bought with those doubloons.

I'll start by calling out an obvious point that people seem to get tripped up on: you're not paying $100 for T-61. You're still getting whatever products/services you actually purchased with those 25,000 doubloons. And now I'll point out that this doesn't make the deal a no-brainer, because chances are whatever you were spending those doubloons on is going to be at or around full price. Most people spend the bulk of their doubloons on items that are on sale, so buying at sticker price offsets the value of the offer.

So how good is the T-61 deal actually?

Its effective sale "efficiency" is around 40%. You spend $100 in doubloons, get $35 in stuff you could have bought normally, and 10x all regular signals, which I'll say is around 5 bucks (combat signals aren't offered for sale normally, but 10 isn't a huge amount). Compare that to the efficiency of:

  • FXP conversion weekend: +40% efficiency (35 for price of 25)
  • Annual premium time sale: +15-50% efficiency
    • 15% cash off if you bought through World of Warplanes
    • "50% discount" by packing in a metric butt-ton of special flags without changing the package price
  • Summer sale: +30-50% efficiency
    • 50% off T6 ships
    • 30% off T8 ships

So, on the whole, the T-61 deal is numerically on par with other WG sales. From a pure price-savings perspective, you'll do just as well with your doubloons on other applicable sales as with the T-61 offer.

But some things are special...

The fact that this deal isn't a doorbuster doesn't mean it's not worth taking WG up on it. What it does mean is that you should ask yourself whether you find value in one of its unique advantages:

  • Early access to T-61 by one week
  • Get T-61 for doubloons months or years before it goes to the tech tree (cash required otherwise)
  • Spend down your silly large doubloon hoard from Steam sales so WG can stop angsting over it

TL;DR: It's a sale. Buy it if you like it.


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Good post. Also, it really benefits those who had planned to spend doubloons on something soon. It does incentivize spending 25k doubloons instead of whatever you wanted though. I honestly think it’s a good option. Especially considering it is a bonus to buying everything and it is only a defined time exclusive. 

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It is only a "good" deal if you planned to spend that money/doubloons without the sale. Not being much of a DD player as I only occasionally play them this is of no interest to me.

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Big hoarder here with 110k dubs but nothing to spend on. Tried buying another year of premium but since I already have 2 years it doesn't let me use doubloons. Have most of the tech tree premiums courtsey christmas boxes (couple of other ships don't interest me). Only if they had a 35:1 exp sale would have spent but don't feel like doing it at 25:1. WG  if you are reading please give the 35:1 sale and the doubloons will burn. Else the hoarding will just continue :D

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