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Well I for one would like to discuss some of those issues. Primarily, how's it going? Any progress? 

The biggest issue I have right now are enemy ships clearly on my minimap. They obviously see me cause I'm taking hits. I of course cannot see them. It's a known issue, I'd just like to know if you have made any progress towards resolving it. 

There's a lot of other issues open for which, to my knowledge, we have not received updates. Any news on them as well? 


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They refer to it as a rendering issue, but it is not an issue, it is a feature.  Some people do not have it at all or claim that they do not, others have it, it is in fact in the game.  I have a high end computer, 200MB internet connection 35-45 ping, etc etc, Titan Video card,  3 -4 seconds to render a ship, I used to be able to see the un-rendered ship's smoke before the actual screen render now I cannot even see that, so this is a FEATURE they have put into the game.  We will see many more memes after this post I am sure.  But as a developer of software, and a person that is intimately knowledgeable about the TCP stack, and server side interaction,  I have concluded that this is no longer a "bug" but a feature.  Don't ask me why, I didn't write the code.   Code is not magic it does not have a mind of its own, it only does what you write.    In World of Tanks there is a 3 second delay before you are advised that you have been spotted, similar in the timing but in WoW this is in reverse, 3 seconds before you can see!  

It really hampers the game play especially with islands, a DD can actually scoot through and opening before she is rendered.  This has now been going on for a year.    I really like the game, I am hoping for some changes, but after spending more money on this game than I dare to reveal, just not going to do it any more and I am now after 5+ years with WG actively looking for a new heroin fix. :)   

Let the memes begin!


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