Read Updated Info below: [SOLVED]  Updated: If you are going to trial this WGC (final version - 18.) beta software, and you care about where it is installed, ONLY DOWNLOAD THE INSTALLER FROM THE NEWS SITE [Direct Download Link] Note that the main download link on the WoWs Homepage has been updated from the previously reported installer named:   world_of_warships_install_na_bnewnzi1ryvc [dot] exe well as the News Article: The New WGC webpage download link has a new installer named:  wargaming_game_center_install_na_bnewnzi1ryvc [dot] exe There is still the issue that if you download the WGC using the installer named "world_of_warships_install_na_ ..." it will force install the WGC to C:\ProgramData - the same as previously, about which Wargaming has not responded. Also the WGC Version number is the same. (Just uninstalled to test both installers) A previous version release note for WGC I had noticed where there was reference to: v.18.3

Simplified installation flow for new users WGing's "world_of_warships_install_ ..." named installer will force installation to C:\ProgramData for new players downloading the game for the first time is meant to simplify installation (I don't know if it's because of this particular installer that some people go on to have any issues with the current version or not?). If like me you expect to have 'control' over your own system and file management, this is awful and horrid; the dumbing down installation for the Forte Nite and mobile gaming generation. So long as WGing always serves a "wargaming_game_center_install_na ..." version of the installer for the custom build pc members of the community, or those that want that destination path control, then I will continue to play. If WGing ever dictates where I have to install software on MY system, by removing an installer that allows selection of custom drive path assignment for install, that's will be the bridge-too-far; I'm extremely passionate about this personally. Having two installers, of which only ONE allows you to select the installation path, is total and utter чепуха!