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Public Test 0.7.8 - Round 1

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Start date: 02 Aug 2018 - 09:30AM PDT (12:30PM EDT)

End date: 06 Aug 2018 - 08:30 PDT (11:30AM EDT) 

Developer Bulletin 0.7.8

Update 0.7.8 is about to be released! Be the first to discover its new features!

We invite you to visit the Public Test server and familiarize yourself with the Update 0.7.8 Bulletin!

IMPORTANT! Because the Update is still being tested, the information in this Bulletin is tentative and reflects the state of game development at the time of its publication. Changes and new features may be removed entirely or implemented differently by the time the Update goes live. Screenshots, specific values of certain characteristics, and details of in-game mechanics will not necessarily be relevant after the Update is released.

World of Warships Anniversary



Birthdays are not all about presents, they also include enjoyable preparation for the celebration. Join the Public Test of Update 0.7.8 to see for yourself what surprises and new features will await you on the live server.

First off, you'll find yourself in the decorated port of Saint Petersburg. Why Saint Petersburg? Because that's the home of the World of Warships development headquarters! Bright fireworks, blazing searchlights, and pleasant and inviting surroundings will create a festive atmosphere!

Besides the Port, the Arsenal will be updated as well. Special tokens and a new temporary category dedicated to World of Warships’s Anniversary will appear in the Arsenal. There you will find... Commander Dasha for seven nations, Space Commanders from the Space Battles, patches featuring Dasha and Alena, as well as new special signal flags—Basilisk, Scylla, and Leviathan.

In order to earn a container with new tokens, you have to complete a simple combat mission. You'll learn the details of this combat mission in the Public Test Announcement. You will have a chance to get three containers in Random and Co-op battles, and five containers in Ranked battles! Besides the tokens and special signals, the containers include items from the collection dedicated to the Third Anniversary of World of Warships. Complete the entire collection and recall the events that happened in the game within the past year.

Please note that with the release of Update 0.7.8, the "Go Navy!" category will be removed from the game, and all Eagles and Sharks tokens will be converted into credits. So hurry to use them!


Ranked Battles



The tenth, anniversary, season of Ranked Battles is coming. Most of the rules will be the same as those for the previous season. Players begin progressing through the Ranks with Tier VIII ships, and switch to Tier X halfway through. Those who make it into the League of Sea Wolves will continue their fight on Tier V ships. Look forward to a total of 23 ranks, a seven vs seven format, and teams with mirrored lineups in terms of ship type and tier. You do not lose a star when you become the top XP earner on the defeated team.

Ranked Battles will be fought on the following maps (Domination mode):

  • Tier VIII: Neighbors, Northern Lights, Hotspot, Sea of Fortune, and Mountain Range.
  • Tier X: Hotspot, Sea of Fortune, Warrior's Path, Mountain Range, Tears of the Desert, and Sleeping Giant.
  • Tier V in the League of Sea Wolves: Shatter, Sea of Fortune.

During the Public Test, the conditions for achieving Rank 1 will be significantly simplified. Besides that, you'll be able to research Tier X ships by playing just a few battles.

If you win five Ranked Battles with Tier X ships, you will receive three of each special signal on the live server, and a new resource for the Arsenal of the Public Test—Copper. On the Public Test server only, you will be able to exchange Copper for new permanent camouflage patterns for Tier VIII ships: Z-23—The Last Conquest and Edinburgh—Arctic. Play a battle on these ships wearing their new camouflage and get a day of Premium time!


French Cruisers




French cruisers joined the fleet more than a year ago and won players' hearts right away. They deserved this affection because of their effective artillery, long range torpedoes, and high speed for their type that can be further increased by the Engine Booster consumable.

During the Public Test of Update 0.7.8, you can look at French cruisers from a different perspective—starting from Tier VI, the ships are equipped with the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable. This will bring in more opportunities and make the game tactics more diverse. But remember that the effect that the new consumables will have on your battle performance will depend on the situation and your ability to choose the correct moment for using the consumable.

For most cruisers of the French branch, the introduction of this consumable means an immediate improvement for their characteristics. But for Charles Martel and Saint-Louis, we had to increase the reload time of the 203 mm/55 Mle 1934 guns to 12 seconds, otherwise these guns would have been too effective for their tier.

Characteristics of the Main Battery Reload Booster consumable for Tier VI–VIII ships:

  • Main battery reload time: -50%; 
  • Action time of the consumable: 15 seconds; 
  • Cooldown time: 180 seconds for Main Battery Reload Booster I, and 120 seconds for Main Battery Reload Booster II; 
  • Number of charges: three for Main Battery Reload Booster I, and four for Main Battery Reload Booster II. 

For Tier IX–X ships:

  • Main battery reload time: -50%; 
  • Action time of the consumable: 15 seconds; 
  • Cooldown time: 120 seconds for Main Battery Reload Booster I, and 80 seconds for Main Battery Reload Booster II; 
  • Number of charges: three for Main Battery Reload Booster I, and four for Main Battery Reload Booster II. 






In Update 0.7.8, we are restyling the Additional Content section. To simplify the search through the list of possible options, we introduced an additional sort option—three categories of ships, namely: ships from in-game events, historical, and custom.

  • The first category helps you adjust the display settings for camouflages from the Halloween and Space Battles events.
  • The second category manages the camouflages from the Hunt for Bismarck and the Battle of the North Cape.
  • In the Custom Ships category, you can disable the display of special Azur Lane, Go Navy!, Arpeggio, High School Fleet, Dragon, and Makoto Kobayashi Signature series camouflages.

We added the Increase UI Scale setting for players who prefer large video monitors! This new feature will allow you to increase the game interface elements to fit your monitor and will offer a better experience when playing at high screen resolutions.

Besides this, the game will automatically select the correct scale the first time you launch the updated game client. You can always change the scale on the Graphics tab in the Settings.


Join in the Public Test and be the first to check out the changes that will appear in Update 0.7.8! Collect your rewards and share your impressions with us!

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