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Carrier GUI Not Working

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The GUI for a carrier would not work today. Here's what happened:

Match starts. I first designated the carrier to move ahead a couple squares then stop short of an island. Next I attach all aircraft to the carrier, so when they launch they are circling my carrier. 

Once the planes were launched and circling, I selected 2,3,4 and 5 with the CTRL key so I can move them all as a group. I then determine I'd like the fighters to stay with the carrier for the first flight so, still holding the CTRL key, I deselect key 2. 

I'm left with an icon of an aircraft with a tiny plus sign next to it that will not, in any way shape or form, allow me to move my aircraft. Click, right-click, clicks with shifts, no combination of anything, not even the enter key will move them. 

In the past the only to "fix" this was to reboot the friggin game but that's back when doing so did not earn you a pink AFK. I asked everyone on both teams for any ideas, got nothing. 

As they say, WTH Wargaming? By now ought you not have the keyboard/mouse interface for carriers perfected for even the worst machines capable of running the game? What gives? 

More importantly - how the heck do you recover something like this without going pink? 

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