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Hard to believe something that looks this good is a mobile game

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First the trailer.


A few years after the 3rd Honkai Impact on the world, 



That's the Google Play trailer.  Its hard to believe this isn't a trailer for a new anime series.  


The game itself lives up to the look of its gameplay trailer.  Gives me the RWBY meets Bayonetta vibes.  



Its been a while that I have seen a game, much less mobile, hit most of the key values so strongly.  The game looks great, the music sounds great, the waifus look as good as any game in the market, the controls are simple and doesn't impede your view, the action is smooth and responsive.  It differs from most mobile RPGs in being an ARPG or Action RPG, which means your combat is more of a CQC fight game.  Here, the controls don't disappoint.  Another thing that is unique and rare with mobile RPGs is that it doesn't have any autobattle.  You're going to work your way through with skill and strategy.  


Like so many mobile RPGs, it does have the staged format, where you do one chapter after another like a visual novel, jumping directly into the scene of battle.  There is no world to explore or NPCs to interact.  It uses gacha for monetization but there aren't a lot of things you can collect so far, plus you will get the main characters as the story progresses anyway, the gacha is more for the costumed alts of the main heroes.    However, these are going to be addressed with the creation of a more open world for exploration, and the introduction of new characters.



The game appeared to have gathered a large following after its launch in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia, with over 36 million downloads on all platforms.  And recently, it has gotten global release and a score of 4.7 out of 5 in Google Play.  I discovered this while checking and looking at the various anime themed games on my smartphone.  


The official channel drops a spoiler bomb.  After watching trailers like his, I am left wondering when will this have an anime series?  



When you're a god, don't forget to do your Thanos snap.


Why does it sound so much like a credible anime?  It helps not sparing a dime in hiring seiyuus.



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