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Cells at Work

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This is shaping up as one of my favorites this summer and tops among the best.  I am more eager to watch this every week than Attack on Titan.



As an anime feels like a genre of its own, though it has a bit of workplace slice of life in it, like the recent Hoizuki no Retetsu and Wotakoi.    Maybe more like Hoizuki because it is also a bit of anime-documentary that seeks to educate the audience the cellular biology of your body through anthromorphism.  Goes own in anime history for making a red blood cell a waifu and the first white blood cell to be a husbandoo.   The platelets are the most adorable thing I have seen this season.  And more blood cells that are husbandoo and waifu material like Eosinophil.


I love the show's ingenuity of presentation.  The uniform of the red blood cells is naturally red, her cap resembles a erythrocite, and her blue shorts is supposed to be the textbook bluish color of a vein.  They work like the mail service of the body, delivering nutrients and oxygen to different cells around the body, like couriers delivering packages.  White blood cells are depicted rightly being able to pass through between blood vessels by having the white blood cell pass through the vents, blood clotting through a mesh laid by the platelets, nausea and vomiting is depicted as a rocket launch triggered in response to a body invasion.


Despite the light hearted theme of the show, this is probably the bloodiest anime in this season in addition to being an anime about blood itself.  Even when we have psycho anime this season, like Happy Sugar Life and Angel of Death, this anime beats them all in the blood spill and body count.  Let's except the fact that the anime itself is an anthromorphization of blood but all the bacteria and germs gush plenty of red juice (bacteria have blood?) as the white blood cells slash through them with knives, emphasized even more as the red juice splatters on the white cells.   The bacteria and germs are depicted like villains on Power Rangers, there seems to be a weekly invasion, leading to a murderous rampage among the cells and the equally bloody response by the body's cellular defenses that see the germs getting hacked down.   Cells that are infected by virus becomes zombies and needs to be hacked down before you have a zombie apocalypse running around your body.  If this is an anime you think that should be safe to teach your kids biology, think again. Maybe.  But then who is to say that violence in biology isn't too real?


Ending shows our protagonist red blood cell and platelet, along with other red and white blood cells in the background.



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You can really anthromorphise anything these days. Ships, Dragons, rifles, animals, cats (yes, cats are animals, still wanted a Special mention for them, nya~), and now even blood :Smile_teethhappy:

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The Platelets are how I envision the rank-and-file crew of ships with Mermaid's Wrath

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