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World of Warships movie: "Crossing the T"

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Well, that was a cluster[edited].

I've actually found one ship where crossing the T is still a good strategy, at least when dueling your evil bot twin in co-op: Mikasa. Cut across the bow/stern and bring all those guns to bear while they can only shoot back with one or two secondaries and half their main battery.

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43 minutes ago, Cit_the_bed said:

I hope you enjoy it.

I hadn't really thought about it before.

We get focused - in this game - on maneuvering to catch the opposition on the broadside.

In the age of sail, while passing engagements were fairly common - the most decisive victories were won when one's ships maneuvered through a line of sail - with the intent of putting their shot through the stem and stern of the enemy - and raking the length of their decks with canister.

Nelson employed this with much success at Trafalgar - classic "crossing the T".

Sorry - random thought -carry on.

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