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Cool video!  Wish the guy who posted it to YouTube had cut the first 18 seconds off the front end, but still.

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I remember reading about the transition to larger AA guns, Post-WWII.  40mm was not cutting it anymore, as the start of the OP's video stated.


"In 1944-1945, the USN found that their 20 mm Oerlikons and 40 mm Bofors batteries were ineffective in stopping Japanese Kamikaze attacks. Only the 5"/38 (12.7 cm) fired a round large enough to kill-stop a determined attacker and this weapon was too heavy to use in the numbers necessary. This problem led to an accelerated program to develop an intermediate-caliber weapon that could fire a VT fuzed shell.

The weapon chosen was the standard 3"/50 (7.62 cm) Mark 22 which was used on many Destroyer Escorts and auxiliaries built during the latter part of World War II. This was the smallest-caliber weapon which could still use the VT fuzes available at the time. It also had a concentric counter-recoil spring, which meant that it was more easily adapted for automatic fire. Automatic fire was achieved with an electrically driven auto-loader using revolving sprockets. BuOrd rushed this through the design phase, with the first prototype being ready for test firing on 1 September 1945. The end of the war slowed development and resources were diverted to the more potent 3"/70 (7.62 cm) design. As a result, it was not until 1948 that this weapon was delivered to the fleet in quantity."


The Des Moines-class entered service in 1948-1949 and featured these new, bigger AA guns.  Hell, the class ditches 40mm altogether.  Worcester-class entered service at the same time and they too had these guns.


For WoWS purposes, the 3"/50 guns are the brutal heart of Des Moines' ferocious AA.

20mm 43 DPS, 2.01km

76.2mm 334.8 DPS, 5.01km (lots of them)

127mm 90.6 DPS, 5.01km

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