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Ok BBs here are Health tips for you!

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For all you Battleships that was to have fun here are some tips to help you stay healthy and live a nice long happy life!

Getting plenty of excercise, it is a well know fact that not getting varied excercise can cause engines to seize up among other things. So after you have likely gotten plenty of rest in port fire up your engines to full ahead and enjoy a nice voyage as you get target practice in.

Dangers of smoking: Using smoke or even being curious about smoke can lead to severe loss of of Health and can lead to DD attack which can be life threatening. It is important to know your risks for DD attack and consult with your doctor  Cruisers who may need to run radar scans for you to help determine if you are at risk.

 Do not play with fire, playing with Fire can lead to severe burns or death. Remember if fire starts so ready no out of control be sure to have fire extinguishers and first aid kits available just in case.

When going out into battles it’s important to check the skies and forecast, if the forecast calls for CV storms it’s import to stay inside a sturdy AA shelter until the CV storms have blown over.



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You should write for WoWs comic strip!!

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