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Geez- What a day...

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 Well, it started out good anyway.

 The plan was to use MO, Bama, and possibly others to powergrind the hell out of Nor-Cal's 17 3/4 pt captain.   And it worked well!  Lots of fun had, and an obscene amount of credits were earned!   Captain is now MUCH closer to 18 pts.   Along the way, 2 daily boxes were earned, and the coal mission crushed.

  Then I got bored...

 Decided to work on Queen Elizabeth- in Randoms.   Why?   Longer developing games, and more to shoot at.   Queen is the living embodiment of SLOW- slow everything: speed; reload; turret traverse.   And it's easily trolled by RNG.   Not a great combo for the typical 6 or 7 minute Co-op game.  (with 3+ of that waiting to find each other and chasing down the strays)   Welp,  didn't work.   The ship is just as worthless there...   Good idea, bad execution.

  I decided to cut my losses, and sell this stinking, hot pile of turds, and free xp to KGV.   I had a seriously bad attitude after playing a few games in this stinker.   No more!

KGV turned out to be a much more fun ship to play, and it's even better than I expected!   Added bonus:  I upgraded it entirely for free with upgrades already on hand, lol.   Now to set the WORLD aflame!!! BWAHAHAHA- cough, cough, cough.. er em excuse me...

  Then tried Lyon, a ship I'm far more comfortable in.   Nothing doing.  Not a fun game, trying to hold 3/4 of the reds back with just me and a Nagato.  (rest of the team all charged the other side.)  I got my licks in, but the cumulative damage was telling.

  Off to try the OP of the week.  (cue sad, defeated laughter)  Everything went great- until it didn't.   Then the follow -up waves of reds started pouring in from everywhere.   Yep, we lost.   Now I understand the mega thread discussing this mission.   I don't remember it being THIS nasty- glad I 5 starred it in it's first incarnation.

 Oy- why couldn't I have just stuck with what was working...

  So I went back to MO.   Was having a pretty good game, beat up the red MO,  then went after the Red Hindy that was charging our smoked up, low health DD.   His Torps and my shells hit simultaneously- poor CA never had a chance, lol.    Now on to the annoying pest of a CV that appeared to the South.

  Then my torpedo warning went off, and before I knew it I got hit for 3/4 of my health by a massive salvo!   So I looked around, and all I saw was our Gearing.   I could only guess as to WHY he plugged me like that, was he mad that I got the Hindy kill?   Was he just one of "those"?   I saw RED!  and in a fit of indignation, I blapped him.  And let the flooding sink my ship.  

  There was, of course, some back and forth in chat after.  

  Then came the real kicker:   I noticed in the after game report- I'd been sunk by the Hindenburg!   Yep- had I bothered to LOOK, I'd have seen those torps were RED...  UGH!

  So, if you're reading this; sorry man,  my mistake.    I had a rotten attitude going, and you just happened to be there when the lid blew off.   Again, my apologies. 

  Needless to say, I called it a day and shut the game off.   Not cool to play with that frame of mind.  Nothing like jamming your own foot in your mouth up to the knee!

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If you had been hit with freindly fire the chat box would have had a pink message in it. 

Why not just look 5 or so inches to your left. 


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