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Aquaman - Official Trailer

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looks ok....
Submariner would kick his [edited]  though....:fish_viking:better villains...

Better comics....

IMHO anyway....


I mean look what they had to do to him to get him to be less "ambiguously ___ with that sidekick aqua-lad)....They were the Batman & Robin of the seas   they gave him long hair, better build... what SM already was... IMHO....
DC has to really step things up cause lately they are tanking once again....WW was THE best DC movie so far... the last two other ones are not holding them above water much....
They have potential but are not using it to make great movies.... like MS has been doing.... 

Heck, the post credit scene in Antman/Wasp (best PC scene ever BTW) is better than almost every DC movie yet...(save for Wonder Woman)

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I kind of like the street smart Aquaman character that Momoa portrays. They just haven't done anything with him yet. Last DC movie would have done better if it were just him and WW. 

Edit: I hate to say it, but DC needs to get over superman and stop trying to appease his fanbase. You simply can't mix him in with other characters because he basically has godlike powers. This is another thing they do better in the MCU universe is balance all the characters. IMO, justice league was mostly ruined by having superman in the storyline. 

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