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Can I take a turn ranting...

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...as it does help relieve some of the stupidity we encounter in the game. I'll soften the rant with a compliment to another player.

So I take my Montana out for a spin on the Hotspot map. Each team had 3 T8s with all the other ships being T10. The battle is progressing along fine. I had some great help from a CV...more about that later. Anyway the battle is about half over when this pink Hindenberg keeps cutting in front of my bow. Three times he makes an180% turn, first to the left, then to the right, then to the left again. The 2nd time I gave him 2 long blasts on the horn but he goes and does it again for a 3rd time. I don't think I suffered too much if any damage because of these antics but I do know that on a couple of occasions instead of aiming and shooting my guns I was avoiding running over this fool. Maybe I'm at fault for having unrealistic expectations after all he was already pink which in a way is a statement about a players situational and map awareness...even at T10. Oh well, I'm done being a good guy... the next pinky that cuts in front of me is going to get run over.

Despite suffering the above foolishness it was a satisfying game. The green team won  mostly due to excellent CV play by Hidetoolz . He accounted for 4 kills by himself but he also did some excellent spotting...here's what he did for me. A red Zao and me in my Monty are both rounding the same island; we can't see each other and we're both out of sight of each others team. Hidetoolz's DBs spot the Zao but instead of sending them in for attack he keeps them circling until I get into position. That Zao must have pissed his pants when he finally saw me, I unloaded the front guns swung around to port a few degrees and let loose with the back guns. It wasn't until I was through that Hidetoolz sent in the DBs for their attack. We didn't get the kill but we did stop the Zao from rounding our flank and sent it hurrying back to the rear at less than half strength.

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Mate, if that's all you have to rant about, consider yourself lucky XD

But yeah, t's BAD lately. All the high schooler YOLO DGAF "it's just COD with ships!" artards are out in force.

I *wish* WG would do literally anything to address this. When I brought this up in game, I got called an elitist, was told 'I was heavily implying they should outright ban these players despite them having every right to play the game just like I do and was just pissed cuz they weren't playing how *I* wanted them to, if you want teamwork go play in a clan.'

Yeah, they have every right to play. But this is a team oriented game. And sure, technically there's a mode for people who don't care (Co Op), but these players don't *stay* there, now do they? And I shouldn't *have* to join a clan to get a decent team. That's why it's optional. And everyone has a bad match/team now and then, but when it's 70, 80, 90% of the time? That's when something needs to be done. And there are obviously plenty of people who feel the same or similar as I do, given the amount of posts griping about crap teams lately. So there needs to be a way to separate the players who don't care from those who do.

I mean...you get on a football team, you're damn right your fellow teammates are gonna be pissed if you don't play as part of the team, and you're gonna be booted right quick, and once you're known as a player who doesn't work with others, good luck getting on another one. Why is this team based game any different? Especially when these players, more often than not, are the most toxic?

I mean I was in a match in my Bayern on Fault line, and for once it was just the teams home cap points....I started west, so I went west, but changed to east when I noticed it was just a New York, a CL, and a DD in the east, and the east BBs all went west. NY was getting isolated before enemy contact, I warned him, he tossed back an automated Wilco, got back with the rest of us...but then went west, while hiding in the back. I simply asked him if he could help push, some other guy in the west thought I was talking to him, clarified myself, NY says "I'll play how I want". I respond "'I'm gonna YOLO play how I want in a team game'...yeah ok have fun", he says "I am, it's only a game, relax." I shut up at that point cuz obviously there's no talking to him at that point, the east proceeds to die off, shortly thereafter, NY dies and says "I pushed, where were you?" "Already dead because you abandoned us, [edited]." "Maybe we just all suck"

WELL NO [edited]ING [edited], SHERLOCK. I'm not saying we woulda won regardless, but if you ignore a call for help, write off criticism, and then make a comment like that....I just....*bangs head against a brick wall.*

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