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After 10,000 battles....

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I still hate enemy carriers....

I still hate BB AP on destroyers....

I still hate radar....


This game is still fun.

This game still surprises me.

This game still has great ships that can PLAY their sterns off.

This game has allowed a 38% derp to get to 48% potato.


Ever since closed beta, this game has been improving. Graphics, sound and interface.

The wake off of the ship is so amazing...

The Balance changes....ruining my tier 8 fubuki...some are good, some hard to swallow.

Overall, the best thing ever has been Clan Wars. Getting 7 people together to have fun and not complain about MM....

So, War Gaming,  thank you for a great game...

Now stop making premium ships, my wallet begs you...



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After 10,000 battles I really wanted to quit, but realized how much I have invested in these pixel ships

I could fix my stats by rerolling, but then I'd be denying my yolo DD baptism of fire from newb to full fledged potato 

Like you, I embrace my fubar :)

Now, if I could just play without d/c all would be well!

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