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Allow me to introduce you to the new Tier 10 Soviet Battlecruiser

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Battlecruiser Kirov (Hull Number: 059)

Laid down: 27 March 1974

Out of service since 1990 (clearly not a paper ship)

Her displacement of 24,300 tons will equate to 144,900 in-game HP.

Her modest size of 252m length and 28.5m beam, will equate to an in-game detection of 4.1km before modifiers.

Her 2x100mm/60 guns will be able to fire one round every .4 seconds, with a maximum damage of 9200 damage points regardless of ammunition used. Firing range will be a modest 32.89km, but this can be extended by captains skills and upgrades. Her secondaries will comprise 8xAK-360 30mm gatling guns,  each with a range of 12 km. All main armament and secondary armament guns are under fire control radar, so there won’t be any dispersion.

She will be further armed with 20xP700 anti-ship missiles (25,000 HP each, regardless of angling) with a range of does-it-really-matter, 140 anti-aircraft missiles, and the AK-360 30mm gatling guns will be dual purpose.

The Kirov will be the first ship in the game with dual 3D radar mounts; when one is finished, the next can begin. No cool down time! Range: 40km beyond the horizon.

The spotter aircraft section is comprise of 3 KA-27 helicopters with 3 hour loiter time. They can fly simultaneously.

Armor: 76mm of armor plating protects the reactor core, which logically yields an armor rating greater than that of Yamato.

This is a premium ship, available for a mere 120,000,000 gold doubloons.


I think I might have faced one too many Moskva's and Khronstadt's lately in my trusty Mino.

It's >twitch< starting to get to me. >twitch<

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Does it fly like the Avengers Aircraft Carrier?

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5 hours ago, Umikami said:

Does it fly like the Avengers Aircraft Carrier?


Nope. They couldn't squeeze in the lift fans, what with the whole battery of SS-N-19 Shipwreck missiles installed next to the Wave Motion Gun.



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