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[TF-62] Task Force 62 Squadron Yoke

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TF-62 is a historical reference to Guadalcanal and Operation Watchtower, of which our leader's great Uncle was a part of. He was a sailor aboard USS Chicago for the invasion and part of the battle of Savo Island. Chicago was the only allied cruiser to survive the battle that resulted in the losses of USS Vincennes, USS Astoria, USS Quincy and HMAS Canberra.

We are a clan mostly of aviation professionals looking primarily the same. We are commercial and military of background. Given most of our flexible schedules, we play all times of the day and week, but often together each evening. We play ranked and are looking forward to the upcoming clan battles.

We are looking for the following (preferred but not required):

  • Aviation professionals (pilots, technicians, ATC, etc)
  • Military professionals
  • Account level 15
  • Non-raging... but sense of humor a plus

We communicate through Discord and have a facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1748481465450293/?ref=bookmarks

History of the Battle of Savo Island: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Savo_Island

To apply, message our facebook page and apply to TF-62 through the client. But please introduce yourself as well.

Thank you and welcome aboard.

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Of I wasn't s co-founder of our clan, your post would have grabbed me.

C-141B loadmaster. 4700 hours, 16 of them combat.

I am serious,  thus is a very good shout out for recruitment. I hope you succeed.

Good luck & fair seas.

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