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Looking For A Clan

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Looking for a laid back clan, I'm not on as much only for an hour or 2..sometimes 3 hours after work. I'm not into clan wars but I have been in them on WoT. My highest ship is Cleveland (Tier 8 - I believe)?

I do have Discord as well as Teamspeak.  

Hope to hear back from some people. 

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come to the black watch navy i think we are a fit      that BWN send request

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All American Boot [AAB] is Recruiting for Active players, shoot me a message in game for invite

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“One Team, One Fight”

It’s not just a thing we say, but a path we walk every day.

Find out why at the-bwc.com



We are a veteran founded, owned and operated military-style, international, multi-game Outfit with over 10 years of continuous excellence in gaming. You can expect a highly organized unit that provides training, teamwork, and a professional gaming attitude. Roughly half of our members are active-duty military, prior service, retired, and/or combat veterans. We are not a guild, we are not a clan. We are an organization that stresses teamwork, unity, loyalty and fun.

A military background is by no means a requirement but understand that we are competitive by nature. We’re in this game for competition and fun, but we believe winning is fun and the two are never mutually exclusive.

BWC will expend concise, effective effort where and when it is needed in order to insure our success in all aspects of this game.

We are not just a Warships group.The BWC is highly active and fully supported in many other games such as Planetside 2, MechWarrior Online, Arma 3, Star Citizen and World of Warcraft. Some of the mentioned games are free to play and we encourage you to join us for them. 

Our ethos is “One Team, One Fight.” That posture colors every single thing we do as a gaming community and family.

Find out why at the-bwc.com


Commander’s Intent for BWC is to be the best Outfit we can possibly be in all facets of the game we choose to engage in.

We won’t restrict ourselves from using valid in game tactics and doctrine if those restrictions hinder our ability to consistently achieve victory conditions.

We are not the good guys. We are not the bad guys. We are BWC.

We’ll react to hostility and aggression as expected and as the situation warrants. This can be considered the core of our stance on how we’ll interact with the universe around us.

We make no promises, we stand by no pledges past the fundamental one we make to our brothers and sisters flying to either side of us.

We are in this together, as a team, and we will do what is required to support our existing habits of victory and success.

One Team, One Fight.


For over 10 years the members of the Black Widow Company, regardless of rank or position, have adhered to a detailed Standard Operating Procedure.

This SOP influences and governs everything we do as a professional gaming Outfit and has evolved as BWC has evolved as a gaming community.

As with all gaming properties that BWC engages in, there is also a game specific SOP that address the unique conditions and considerations required to achieve victory conditions and success within that gaming environment.

These unique conditions may be based on structure, game mechanics, Outfit goals and roles engaged in.

To find out more and discover how BWC SOPs work and how they apply to our presence in World of Warship, submit your application for membership at www.the-bwc.com.


The BWC accepts all applications at our website.

No applications will be accepted on this forum.

JOIN US AT http://the-bwc.com/




Black Widow Company. "One team, One fight". 

Find out more at the-bwc.com, our Recruitment Thread or our BWC broadcasting channel.


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if you havent taken a clan and can handle mum jokes and excess sarcasm from a bunch of aussies FIGA - nothing suss  might be a place you'd like

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