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CV play improvements

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I've been playing my first ten or so matches in  the hak and the first six or so matches were great, I did well, got some wins, did average.  But as it got later in the day I quickly found myself outskilled by the other CV captains,  it was then I realised that I wasn't doing especially well just that the people I was fighting were worse than I was and the inevitable (blank) whoopings started happening.  I've never claimed to be  the creme of le crop of CV players (mostly because I'm not that full of myself in general) but I at least managed to keep from getting shut down completely...barring a couple of matches. 

Thought about dropping hak right there, I'll admit it's not fun being the metaphorical 'new guy' when CVs are involved, it's not like being the new T10 BB on the block or jumping into your first T10 cruiser.  Hell it's a different ball game just from the T9s. 

But I've come too far to just give up now, also this thing was really expensive to kit out. 

So I've swallowed my disappointment (and a little bit of my pride) had a good hard think about how I play CV now that I'm T10. 1:Strafing, I hate it beyond anything else in this game and avoided it as much as I could, but I'm not gonna get by at T10 without using it, must improve. 2: Too defensive, need to attack more than I defend, always have more planes shot down than attacker hits. 3: Perhaps use fighter loadout, not sure yet.  I've never claimed to be the best CV, but my ability to play her effects my team more than say my yamato would so any general thoughts on how to improve?

I've already been recommended to hit up farazelleth's and ichase's videos. 

Thanks for the help.

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Personally I would recommend watching ALL tutorial videos (even the older ones) from Farazelleth https://www.youtube.com/user/farazelleth/playlists

Ichase not so much, he is not exactly the best CV player out there, enjoyable to watch but not the guy for an in-depth guide for CV's ( which you will get from Fara )

Secondly, I would stick to the T7 JPN carrier line (Hiryu) to fine tune your skills. A 2-2-2 set up is the best way to fine tune all your skills, air domination (fighter lockdown + strafing), torpedo cross dropping (very important to master this one vs dd's), using your bomber fighters for scouting, etc...

T8 is a no go cuz of the T10 matchmaking. T10 is a no go because of your own stated reasons.

As a CV player you also need to have a general knowledge of what ships have good AA, what ships can have AA def. ability, the timing of def AA. ability (in order to juke) and what ships have the most impact for the enemy team in order to prioritize your targets.

It's a long struggle but once you master CV's it will pay off ;)





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I feel your pain, I am in a similar position in that my CV play at high tier is just not up to par (anything beyond tier 7) with others.

I know the solution is just to play alot but I am not willing to drag my team down with me. Coop does not work as training, because engagements are at close range and its over very quickly in most cases. I am older and sometimes I just think I am not able to multitask to the extent needed for good or at least consistent game play. I mean really....watching someone like Femmenenly work her magic while streaming, answering chat, strafing, double manual drop all while commenting on the game at the same time ...... absolutely mind boggling! 

The answer I think is as I stated ......we have to play and damn the torpedoes! .......so to speak.

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Understand you pain as i am in the same BOAT. however you have to push through to get the better planes and then " find" your MOD to be effective, I am focusing their destroyers for now until I get some coin.

Spot and focus DDs and it will get better.

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On 19/07/2018 at 10:16 PM, Sinboto said:

I've already been recommended to hit up farazelleth's and ichase's videos. 

As people have posted watch videos and also if you have another clan member that plays CV training room is good to help practice be it to strafe or a ship to practice manual drops it's better then co-op as you have someone playing the CV or ship and will make it hard for you but will help you get better even if it's to practice how to bait DF.

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