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Interesting phrasing in your question.  The last thing the game or WG wants is for you not to be able to play.  The majority of the time, there is an issue with the client installation, corrupt files, drivers, or mods.  After the first time, a player can either come to the forums for hints or submit a Support ticket.  Thinks such as starting the game in safe mode, or doing an Integrity Check make a big difference.I have not heard of an actual penalty, but players do turn pink for being AFK, which has little meaning other than to get their attention.

Unfortunately, if a player has poor internet service, an inadequate computer, or doesn't feel like troubleshooting the issue with WG, the player will receive increasing warnings escalating to the penalty level.  At the penalty level (orange) they will be restricted to PvE where being PvE is not as disastrous or costly to team mates.

If a player is having issues with game crashing, they should submit a ticket and work with WG to resolve it.

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Tell you what... ONE AFK. Get back to the game and congratulations, pink status for three games. I cannot remember the last time I had an AFK but clearly it's been a long time if the pink status is three games. Same as if I'd torped an ally or shot their bow off. 

My OPO is WoWS/WG are way over the top on the AFK tripping a "code pink" for a single AFK. 

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