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Question about Republique

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How good are the secondaries on it? I've found a full secondary build on my GK to be very fun and I've had some of my best games with her. From reading reviews and seeing video's it seems to me that since the Republique is coated in only 32mm of armor over the entire deck that it wouldn't be the same brawler as a GK because it would die much faster due to the lower help pool and less deck armor. It is interesting that you can buff the secondary range out to 12.1 km which it just insane considering the GK max is 11.6km!


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She's got more range on her secondaries and much better fire chance and more raw damage (if shells can pen), on the other hand she's not as good for brawling due to worse citadel protection. Also, secondaries are one of main strengths of German BBs so you can potentially afford taking Secondary Battery Mod 3, although it's not the ideal build. At the same time Rep is strong with her fast reload so to keep pumping out shells like crazy, it's best to take MBM3.

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Okay, as someone who has this exact loadout, I can say exactly this about it:

If you get a destroyer by surprise and are within 6-7km of it, they melt within seconds. Enemy battleship or cruiser? Constant shower of pain and suffering~
The trick is though you have to play VERY aggressive to get in and stay in that 12km range. But when the stars align it's an easy kraken~
She's an ambush predator, put her somewhere the enemy doesn't expect you, then make them pay for their shortsightedness in focusing the "bigger" threats like Yamato

Just remember to play the right music


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I take accuracy mod over secondary range. But do run AFT and BFT on commander as it helps both secondaries and AA. 

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The secondaries are very good.  Longer range than even GK.  Some stock Secondary values:

GK - 7.7km

150mm 4x2, 7.5 seconds, 1700 HE dmg, 8% Fire Chance

128mm 10x2, 4 seconds, 1500 HE dmg, 5% Fire Chance


Republique - 8km

152mm 3x3, 8 seconds, 2200 HE dmg, 12% Fire Chance

127mm 8x2, 4 seconds, 1800 HE dmg, 9% Fire Chance


GK has the extra HE pen, Republique has higher Fire Chances and range.  She even has better HE shell damage values.  I know that a few GKs run IFHE Secondaries long before French BBs arrived, but these guys are rare.  The fun thing with Republique's secondaries over Alsace's is that there is zero pressure to pursue IFHE to help the secondaries.  In some ways it looks like GK has been surpassed.


But not quite.


GK has the much more certain close range defense with the vaunted German Turtlebacks, and a quality that a lot of people forget these days... Thick deck armor of 50mm.  This means that IFHE 152mm and even 203mm HE shells cannot pen for damage, only roll for Fire Chance.  In contrast, Republique, as with other French and RN BBs, is coated in 32mm and is very susceptible to Cruiser HE, CL or CA grade weapons, doesn't matter.  This means that French and RN BBs eat Cruiser HE Penetrations as well as still getting set on fire.  So not only does GK sport vastly superior citadel protection, but she is also less vulnerable to Cruiser HE spam.  It's pretty important, IMO.  Sure, the Cruisers will be aiming for BB superstructures and all that, but even then, a number of shells will still land on the deck.


I think both BBs have problems at range though they try to make up for it a bit.  GK has 12 guns to try to get hits with.  Republique has only 8, but they have fast reloads.  I have to say though, I have not tried Republique with a Main Battery Build, only with Secondary Build.

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Republique has a good secondary battery, but isn't quite the brawler that GK is because of the armor profile, like mentioned before. She spends more time at longer ranges, making a full secondary spec less than ideal. The majority of your damage will still come from your main battery, so it stands to reason to keep that part of your ship optimized rather than the less used secondary suite.

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