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There is a spark......a small flame.........then a woosh as the fire erupts in the steel box. 2 eyes flicker open. He looks around in confusion. "What happened?" he mutters, sitting up off the sand. he is covered in rust and sand. Ugh, this is going to be a long day. He begins to pulsate and shake, getting steam into all his valves and cylinders. "At least my joints were spared", he says inspecting his elbows and knees. He stands up and begins to walk along the beach. It seems....familiar. Can't put his finger on it. He sees a large facility, looks like a large brown box with a slanted, tin roof. He looks toward the sea. "What the...." He sees a large ship approaching the coast, too fast for comfort. He begins to walk back. The ship is now mere meters away from running aground. The markings along the hull glow. Then it disappears into a cloud of.....glitch? He has a sense of deja vu. From the glitch a girl emerges. She sees him and says. "Welcome back Mags." Then he remembers.


*The island is @Incendiary_Tanker 's island for the WOWS anime*:Smile_honoring:

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