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7RET is looking for new members

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 Hello and good day to all of you.

We here at 7th Retribution , a multi game clan, are looking to swell our ranks with new members. We dabble in many games, including World of Tanks, Conan Exiles, the upcoming Post Scriptum, War Thunder, Tom Clancy's The Division, and the upcoming The Division 2. We are a close knit group, who are looking to expand and bring new members into the fold. We have many people whom can help and guide new players in the right direction in world of warships and all the other games we play. We are looking to make a core group for clan wars, primarily looking for experienced Radar Cruiser players, but all other Tier 10 ships are welcome for our Clan Wars team. We have a few things that we ask our new members:

1. Have discord and teamspeak.

2. If you are in any game we play, be logged into TS

3. Be respectful.

Discord Info = https://discord.gg/qsxPGX4

For anymore information you can pm these guys, i3lackout, GarryOwen243_Green7, Firedeamon84, and RagnorWolverine in game or @ [7RET] i3lackout or [7RET] Firedeamon84 on the WoWS Embassy Discord



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Le bumpo hon hon

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