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Buffs and Nerfs Clarification?

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I heard German BB's are getting nerfed...and japanese ships are getting nerfed or buffed or whatever....

I want to hear it from the horses mouth....

I only play japanese and German ships and that is it.If if becomes more undefensable on it's own and becomes a support ship for support role....that is not what I want....I want my german and japanese ships to be nearly invincable and on it's own highly survivable and able to hold it's own without support and still float away from a fight....


every single update the ships I play become more and more less of what I want to play them as....aggressive frontline tough armor ships....

It is why I chose japanese and german ships because of their survivability  on their own against ships....not planes...big difference....

If the rumors I am hearing are true tell me now So I can decide to quit...

and post the nerfed stats that make them weak...so I can see what is being changed....

I mentioned years ago...I want to keep the ships based on stats and accuracy.....not fiction....

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34 minutes ago, Cruiser_Noshiro said:

To see upcoming changes, you should check out the dev blog


Not when he can start a rage and error filled troll post.......

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