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Premium Time and Ship Grinds - a random thought (this one is a duplicate; mods please delete)

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The benefits of premium time are undoubted: faster grinds, affordable high tier play, more rapid captain training.

For me, however, I'm not sure I don't recognise a downside. Speeding through a ship in search of the desirable one above it is all very well, but for some of us (*raises hand*) rushing through costs us experience and ship-time that reach valuable lessons when moving up the line, and one potentially pays for it big-time later.

If you want a slowdown in progression there is, of course, co-op... but co-op has issues in terms of the way bots react to torpedoes, not at all like Random play, even if bots otherwise played like human beings (which they definitely do not). [This is not co-op bashing, just a recognition of the fact that torpedo strategies in the two modes are radically different.]

And yes, there are ships I want further up the line, some of them rather badly... but for me, moderation is good. I think I will quite enjoy my current lot of grinds, now that the Indy Marathon is over and I'm not so results-driven on a game-by-game basis.

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