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Clan Battles and Hindiburg

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  • Priority Target - Allows you to know how many people are targeting you. Not only useful for helping to avoid fire, but useful for predicting incoming torpedoes or an enemy ready to ambush you. If you can't see a ship but that thing suddenly shows someone is targeting you, you can better use your consumables to mitigate incoming damage in the form of torps or shells.
  • Preventative Maintenance - losing turrets or torpedo tubes when you really need them always sucks. Taking this with the module greatly increases their durability and reduces the chances that they'll be lost when you need them most.
  • DCCA - Bit of an interesting one here, but since Hindenburg doesn't get radar, your fighter planes are a 5-minute long substitute. They can spot ships, torpedoes, and are just generally useful overall. Having twice as many of them helps with maintaining a better field of protection around your ship and increases their uptime if they're being shot at by AA.
  • Adrenaline Rush - Do I even need to explain this? More DPM lower health you get. Very useful since you will be getting shot at and taking damage.
  • Superintendent - More heals, hydro, planes. You lose nothing by taking this really.
  • Demolition Expert - Hindenburg has pretty decent HE but with a sorta meh fire chance. While DM doesn't really need DE because of the sheer volume of HE she can put out, it helps Hindenburg a lot for dealing with angled ships.
  • Concealment Expert - Useless once you start firing, but helps you get into position without taking more damage than you need to. 
  • RPF - Great skill that really synergizes well with your excellent hydro and double fighter planes. With these three DDs are going to have a very rough time sneaking up on you. An excellent choice IMO.

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I can give you my build, it's probably not perfect and people will disagree at some point, but I like it overall:

Captain skills:

Priority Target
Expert Loader
Direction Center for Catapult Plane

Jack of all Trades
Expert Marksman
Adrenaline Rush

Demolition Expert

Concealment Expert

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