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Remove Certain Maps For Tiers 6 and 7 When Uptiered

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It is already a major challenge for Tier 6 and 7 ships to be up-tiered (+2 MM for T6 and +2 MM for Tier 7), what makes it worse is that the meta becomes completely different from mid-tier when T6 and 7 ships are thrown into high tier matches and are outclassed. They cannot utilize their strengths to the fullest extent like mid-tier. What makes this even worse is seeing large, high tier maps that favor the long-range gunnery of BBs and cruisers, these maps contain too much open water / distance making bottom tier ships especially vulnerable. Therefore, I suggest that for Tiers 6 and 7, even when facing high tiers, to not see certain high tier maps. These are the ones I'm thinking:

-Warrior's Path

-Sleeping Giant

-Tears of the Desert

-Islands of Ice


-The Atlantic



-Mountain Range


I am thinking of removing these maps for T6 and 7 ships when facing +2 MM. One could even argue that these maps should almost be T IX and T X exclusive. Due to their size and layout, they simply do not favor the vulnerability of mid-tier ships forced into high tier matches. If a mid-tier ship is thrown into +2 MM, it should only be on smaller maps with ample cover. For example, T7 vs T8 or 9 on Hotspot is much better than facing T8 or 9 on Mountain Range or Tears of the Desert.






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i think it dumb removing maps for "t6-t7" because of size/ layout.  there not bad to play at the tier range.   yes it may take some time to travel across the map but if you are under tired you should not be pushing the front line that hard that fast.

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Tier 7 is in a very good spot at the moment matchmaking wise, I don't think it needs an indirect buff. Tier 6 has also improved methinks.

Yes there are stinker maps in the game, but we gotta work with what we get.

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Islands of Ice and Shatter are actually ok for tier 7 since you can sail among the islands ( Not Camp behind them! Or you are found and sunk.) and pretty much as long as you can keep moving you can perform some nice hit and run tactics. Like my Gneisenau has many times swung right alongside tier IX BBs and sent Torps right into those guns while getting pounded by my main guns and Secondaries as a distraction. Then hello jumbo sized payday pretty much instantly.

But I can see your point on some of the high tier maps since ships like Akatsuki between the Radar and the ships stealthier than it with longer ranges weapons can make it hard.

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