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Where to put the various unique commanders?

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Curious to know where people are putting these guys (or perhaps waiting for a new line for some of them).
Here is the list of the non-purchased ones:

Country    Name            Enhanced Skills
France    Jean-Jacques Honoré    Adrenaline, Expert Mark
Germany    Franz von Jütland    Jack, Vigilance
Japan    Yamamoto Isoroku    Prevent, Expert Mark
UK    Jack Dunkirk    Jack, Smoke, Expert Mark
USA    John Doe    Loader, Expert Mark
USA    William Halsey    Loader, Expert Mark
USSR    Viktor Znamensky    Prevent, High

I have *all* of the VI-VIII cruisers and battleships available.  
I have some III-V and IXs.  
I will eventually have Xs.
I have all except Viktor Znamensky and William Halsey assigned.

I want unbiased opinions, so I am leaving where I have mine out.


Thanks in advance experts!


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 French and UK in reserve and being built up to 19 points ( since I currently have no ships in port to put them in ) .  J. Doe is in Mighty MO. ; Isoroku Yamamoto is in kamikaze 'R' )highest tier IJN I have in port) .  Halsey will go in Mass. when I get him and am planning on making a 19 pointer when I do . I do not have the German or Russian commanders .


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I try to put them in ships that the build I use will minimize the waste of their special skills.  Below is where I've got mine.

FR - Republique, Henri

KM - Hindenburg, Roon

US - Buffalo, Des Moines (debating on switching the one in the Buffalo to the Montana, but I would end up respec'ing out of EL)

IJN - Yamato (would work well in the Zao too)

UK - Conqueror, Fiji (Fiji is still at 10 so I may train him up to switch places with my Mino captain, and move the Mino captain back into the Fiji, but Mino definitely doesn't need EM so I'm not sold on this yet; other option if I do this is to save the regular Mino captain for UK DD with a respec'd build when they release)

USSR - one training for the Moskva, one unassigned; unassigned one will probably end up being saved and trained up for RU BB (once the Moskva special captain is trained to 19, then the current Moskva captain will probably be rebuilt for an alternate Moskva build or retrained for the Chappy/Budyonny or one of the DDs)

The USSR captains also get a bonus to High Alert which you missed.  They would also be good for any of the DD up through T8, but High Alert would more than likely be wasted.


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I have my 15pt Yamamoto in Kii, so that I can build him up to a 19pt captain for Yamato. I'm at Fuso now with 30k XP to go to get Nagato. Nagato, Amagi & Izumo all have 10pt ARP captains waiting for me to get to them. I will probably put Yamamoto on Nagato to work him up as I go up the line as the ARP captains will be permanent captains on Nagato through Izumo.


I have my 14pt Seagal captain on Cleveland. He helped keep the turrets on target at T6, but is not really needed at T8 Cleveland. I'll move John Doe to Seattle as he'll move the turret speed down to around Cleveland levels. I miss Seagals deadpan delivery as he was a counter to the ARP girls hysteria. :)


I have my 10pt Viktor Znamensky captain in reserve as I'm not sure where to put him with his special skills of PM, HA, EM. Probably will go into RU BBs. I already have captains for my slow turning guns RU DDs.


I have my 10pt Franz in reserve as I'm not sure where to put him either with his special skills of HA & VI.


I have my 10pt Jean-Jacques in Richelieu. I am going to spec him out with AR & AFT and move him to Alsace where he will most likely be a permanent captain. He now has PT, EM, BoS, FP.

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My German commander is going unused, and I don't have any good suggestions for the British either. Yamamoto is eventually going on Yamato, the Americans on the top 3 heavy cruisers, the Russian I have on Kirov, and Honore I have on Algerie.

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I try to run mostly premium ships with only 1 or two tech tree ships per line, so I can use special commanders in just about everything.

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