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Feedback on article: Project 389 USS Dallas Light Cruiser

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Subject article was interesting, thank you.  I was impressed by the depth of your research and your application of sound naval architecture principles to a ship that will never need to float.

Some corrections:

1) Section Hull Appendages: The article used the term "rolling keels" for anti-rolling keels near the turn of the bilge.  They are more properly called "bilge keels."


2) Section Main Battery: The article mentioned "battle lanterns" mounted on the smoke stacks.  That is the wrong name; they are searchlights.  Battle lanterns do exist on US ships.  They are small battery lanterns mounted in each compartment for used when there is no power.  Some are fixed in place and come on automatically when the power fails; others are demountable, have an on-off switch,  and may be hand-carried, (like a flashlight).


3) Section Boats:  The article uses the term "floating crafts."  While this is an accurate description, the nautical term for boats carried by a ship is either "ship's boats" or, more usually, "small boats.


4) Section Armor and Torpedo Protection:  (4.1)This article, and many other places in WoWS, uses the plural term "steering gears."  It should be the singular term "steering gear" instead.  All of the hardware that makes the rudder(s) move is collectively labeled steering gear, even though there are numerous components.  (4.2) The "Armored tower" is the "conning tower," and the "director pipes" are "director communication tubes."


5) Section Ammunition Placement: It should be edited as follows for accuracy:


  • Main battery ammunition is stored in separate shell and powder magazines protected by the armored boxes.  The ammunition is transported to each turret via ammo hoists from the Upper Handling Room directly below, which is supplied in turn by ammo hoists from the magazines.  It is loaded into the magazines via the deck hatches next to the turrets.  [I know that U.S. battleship turrets also have Lower Handling Rooms which are fed by the separate magazines.  I'm not sure about cruisers, but suspect it is the same.]
  • [OK, except hoists, not elevators.]
  • [OK, except hoists, not elevators.]
  • [OK, except change to "ready service ammunition boxes."
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