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I think I'm getting better. Lex doesn't feel as weak.

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I've been grinding away on my Lexington, and I am starting to appreciate what she can actually do. And I think I'm getting the hang of her.

Things I've learned:

  1. AP bombs are my best friend. I routinely nuke solitary battleships with relative ease. It's not uncommon to just delete a battleship at close to full or above half health with both squadrons, especially if it's German.
  2. Strafe is my other best friend. It's amazingly helpful to get out of and get into fights with other aircraft, especially when I am usually outnumbered at the start, it helps to get down as much as I can on the first go. It's also great for deterring desperate Shokaku CV-snipe squadrons. (Had one in my last game. 29 aircraft shot down for me, and half health lost. I did not try to snipe him, however, and got out of the game with about 125k dmg and 4 kills. Yay!)
  3. Tier X cruisers can sod off. It is very hard to do anything meaningful with teams full of Des Moines and Minotaurs everywhere, but when I find that one poor BB that overextended, I do my level best to make him pay for it.

But yeah, now I've been using her for awhile, I can actually see where she can hit pretty hard. I haven't seen another GZ since that one fateful game, but I have faced at least 2 Enterprises, and somewhat struggled, but I usually at least walked away from the encounter. Lexington is starting to be pretty fun for me. Looking forward for the next ship down the line.

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Well since they gave her Ap bombs, feel like she is more playable now. But not super, in fact Lex is the weakest tier 8 cv

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49 minutes ago, Halonut24 said:

It's also great for deterring desperate Shokaku CV-snipe squadrons.

Considering Lexington has incredibly good AA and defensive fire to boot, any Shokaku that is attempting to snipe is doing it wrong, simply put.

But yeah, AP bombs are really good when you can meet the tier 6-8 battleships that just drop like flies against them.

As for the tier 10 cruisers, do note that some of them (Des Moines, Moskva, and Zao) are vulnerable to AP bombs as well. Unfortunately, WG's changing the AP dive bomber icon makes it much harder to surprise enemy cruisers with them anymore.

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