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I like the 18 inch guns on the Conqueror

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OK, so I like the 18s on the conq, they are fun, accurate and hit hard but it's just...Not as good. 

Me liking the guns doesn't change the fact that it's just EASIER to use the 16s. 

Sure the accuracy is crap and the guns don't hit as hard (also you don't get to cit cruisers with HE as easy :D) but there are 12 of them to the 8 you get with the other ones. 

Kinda sucks, just wish that there was more incentive to use them. 

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Oh god another HE spamming Conqueror player lol.

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2 hours ago, torpsRus said:

another HE spamming Conqueror player

is there any other kind?

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I just picked up a Conqueror (don't have access to the 18s yet) but I'd love to use them over the 16s. However, the 16s have a higher dps, have the same traverse speed and the same reload as the 18s so there doesn't really seem to be much of an incentive to use the larger caliber.  Hope this changes in the future as well.

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