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Alright I'm starting to get a understanding of the KGV

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I've only gotten a couple games in the KGV but I've been finding her to be trollish. I started the RN line a while back and decided to use nothing but AP to prove a point and so far it has gone great, but then comes the KGV and its AP has been frustrating to say the least. I tried HE spam for a game or 2 but found that lack luster even though I got big damage I wasn't putting down ships. This game it finally clicked, its AP will absolutely wreck cruisers and DDs, for BBs they get a mix of HE and AP untill the get around 12km after that its AP unless I can't overmatch the bow or I can't get a good hit on their upper belt. Its range still sucks but concealment expert it really helps close the range. Time for the brag pictures




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Nice battle Psycodiver!

 Really like the KGV so far at Tier 7. After about 15 random battles I'm averaging 78K damage, many fires, 1-2 ships sunk per match, best 4 sunk and over 100-150K damage in 3 random battles. Pretty good for an average player like me. 11pt captain and my 11th point was expert loader as I want to switch between HE and AP when needed. HE is my first choice for angled ships and AP for broadside except on DDs but the HE shells can also do really good damage at closer broadsides when I didn't switch shells in time. After about 15-20 random battles I think I've done over 100K in 5 of them. WHAT A FIRESTARTER!

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Nelson and KGV supplanted Scharnhorst as the Queen of Tier VII BBs.  And that is no small feat.  The funny part is Scharnhorst's supremacy in Tier VII BBs has been so long and unquestioned, some people are still not accepting the fact she's been usurped by the RN this tier.  Even Lyon has been doing better.


FFS, even Duke of York, which people talk trash about as a "Garbage version of KGV," is giving Scharnhorst competition.

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