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Clan Wars Bravo game not counting? 0 rating?

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After my Clan lost 12+ games in a row our Bravo ranking drop to Squall league, Group 3, with 0 rating.

Now after a win, We gain no points

Tonight we had 6 wins of 9 and we are still at 0 rating...
- its this a bug?
- Are we in the unseen negative?
is this normal for Bravo?



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If you could provide us a screenshot of Clan Battles tab with the Bravo battle log it would help us identify this further.  Thanks in advance!

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We are having the same issue here but even worse, it's with our "main" team, so we are stuck at 0 rating no matter what we do, not a good thing if one of the main reasons of clan battles is to make some sort of progression.

I have tried to create a ticket yesterday but the person helping me insisted in sending in a WGcheck report, which I won't be doing since this is clearly a server side issue, not a client side issue.


I have created a second ticket now in the hope I get helped by someone who can actually recognize the problem is with WG itself and give me more information, hopefully an ETA for a fix.




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