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Ships builds.. Min/Max v. Optimization

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As I sit waiting for the tier IX and X IJN DD's Kitakaze and Harugumo, I've been busy studying the systems interactions in our little fun combat game.  So, like any MMO (which this is) there always the Min/max thing going to happen.  Min Maxing is not bad in and of it's self, but it does tend to promote a very one dimensional style of play.   The other thing you'll notice over time is the really really good players start switching away from what "conventional" wisdom says is the BEST build.  (which by the by is typically the min max build).  Theres is a reason for this. As player skill goes up, the gain from certain specific builds is not an improvement over what the player can do with raw skill and talent alone. When the return from commander skills and upgrade pass diminishing returns and cease to be as relevant and needed is when the better players start going "I don't need that any more, what else can I do with that upgrade slot/commander points?"

Player knowledge effects this strongly. I've been looking at the penetration of IJN 100mm guns at range and making noises to myself.  I may choose to not use IFHE on Kitakaze and Harugumo when they arrive.  The reason is the situations where it a useful must have aren't as critical as they would be  in any other DD due to the gun performance.  You don't need it at all at targets beyond 15 Km because it's all falling shot at that point and if you hit the ships deck your AP will pen 50mm.. So I want IFHE to pen superstructure plating but I can pen decks with my AP at that range for much more damage. (please to note that BB tends to have a lot more deck then superstructure!)   And the HE doesn't need to pen to start a fire.  Right, now was I carrying IFHE why?  Oh darn, I'm going to have to learn to switch ammo types.. gosh, what a disappointment that I as a DD player must get with the labor.. Oh my aching over overworked index finger!  (*grins!*)

This is a fairly obvious example, and easily confiramble and that's why I brought it up.

Seaking of, for confirmation of said statements check https://mustanghx.github.io/ship_ap_calculator/ and be sure to set it for the Akizuki's guns which so far are exactly the same guns as will be on the tier IX and X.  It may take you a moment to figure out what your looking  but you'll see that at range those 100mm pen values start going up up up v deck armor.  (do I have a secret agenda with all this.. silly gamer OF COURSE I DO!..I want cruiser and BB player go make a mess in their drawers when they realiza an Aki, Kita, or Haru can not only hit them over yon island but can deck pen them (and even a slight possibility of a citadel hit on some cruisers.   Panic is a DD player FRIEND! )   

This may also tell you why you need to pay attention to the IJN 100mm gunboats at range.  They can start doing the nasty deck pen thing at 12.5 but pen there is only 33mm and change and a good chance of shell ricochet or shatter,pty the DD or cruiser caught wrong..  At 15k those guns deck pen pretty much all BB's! And if you drop in some HE ya know, fires.   Don't need to pen to start fires, and that means you don't need IFHE, and we all know of the Rate of Fire with the 10mm guns.  Quantity has a quality all its own..they will start fires.



  This is not a lone situation.  There are all types of build changes you can plug on all ships as your skill  and understanding of the game go up.   Make a point of looking for them (it wont be hard but it may be time consuming as you check results).  DD's especially always want to be looking at ways to improve what they can do as broadly as possible. but that doesn't mean other ship types cannot benefit from the same approach.   Specialing a ship has it points, and they tend to be strong ones, but that same specialization can also limit what you can do.  It's only a game so don't be afraid to experiment.  Some things you might try may require a little more skill then you have yet developed.  Try them again down the road.  Always look to balance what you give up for what you gain.  It can be a little thing for a little thing, or a bunch of little things there for that little thing here.  You'll have to make that judgement however for yourself alone.  Other can advise, but only you actually know what you can do and that it the important datum that is needed to make the call.   

Moving from Min/Max to a more broad optimization in your ship and commander skill builds is not simple.    IJN DD players ended up developing and making work varius no smoke DD builds.    Some say  "oh the Selfish build" but here now in the age of the RADAR cruisers.. yea, lets smoke or an extra load of torps every 2 minutes...  Decision seems to be split as to which is more effective, but I will make a note of who out there gives a sigh of relief when they see an Akatsuki, Kagero, Yugumo, or Harekaze smoke up..  No extra torps heading your way! It's a strong option for these ships but it does require a little more caution in play because you don't have the smoke to fall back on. the No smoke running RPF build is an optimization.. using modules on the same ship to say boost torpedo reload speed is min maxing and yes, you can do both in many cases!  

Player experience and knowledge is always going to be the deciding point.   Experience can take a while to develop but knowledge you get cracking on right now!

Warlord sends

(and never ever EVER discount RNG with can utterly ruin the most perfect sure fire situation)

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I don't really think this game has the actual option to min/max as it has really limited options for builds.  Basically it forces you to spread out your stats.

Also I am fairly certain your thoughts on 100mm guns are not applicable in any form of a good strategy.

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