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[-TRM-] The Rolling Main is recruiting!

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The Rolling Main

is recruiting!

[-TRM-] The Rolling Main is based in North America and welcomes Teamwork oriented players who play well across any or all of the existing games and scenarios within World of Warships. We welcome captains and rogues wanting a casual group to hang out with and to participate in divisions and clan battles with. Independent Captains that sail under a common flag, brethren of the sea that can come together should the need arise. We all love to play, but  many times prefer to play solo and when I do div up I'm not a big fan of always being on voice chat. I never liked clans that have requirements for voice chat, and so it isn't a requirement for [-TRM-]. We welcome like-minded captains, but don't force everyone to play the same way. 

       One of the goals of this clan is to be able to take advantage of clan base features in a casual, yet competitive setting without taking the fun out of it or forgetting it is just a game. To have potential division mates, if you feel like teaming up with other captains.  A clan that won't restrict your playstyle or is so demanding as to kill the fun of the game. 

    We are looking for mature players (not by age, but attitude) that are regulars in the game. While there are no skill requirements, we expect captains to understand (or be willing to learn) basic game mechanics and strive to improve. While winning is great, we care more about good, polite, respectful people than unicum. If you want to wear our tag, then you must positively represent the tag, and so poor sportsmanship is strongly looked down on. We do not discriminate and will not tolerate sexism or racism.

Clan requirements: We want players who play! The whole point of a clan is a little community. No requirement as far as ship tiers, but T6-8 is very helpful. We do expect players to remain active, though taking a break from time to time is totally understandable as long as you communicate any extended absence with us first.

If [-TRM-] sounds like it might be a fit for you, then leave a comment with your game handle and we can send an invite. Happy Sailing!

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