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The heck kind of crash was that

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I just had the worst crash I've ever experienced, on any game.

So when the game loaded the minimap was blank (no landmasses and I don't remember if ship icons were visible or not)

Then the game totally froze and it took several minutes just for Alt-F4 and task manager to work.

Then when I relaunched the game I was stuck on the loading screen, and on the mission tab the minimap was still blank except for ship icons, though sunk ships (including mine) were not black and still looked as if they were alive.

At that point my computer basically completely froze up.

I couldn't get any screenshots because Win-PrtSc didn't work and my computer bluescreened before I could paste a screen clipping into imgur.

My computer specs:

Acer E17 with 1000 GB HDD

NVIDIA GeForce 940MX with 2GB VRAM

12 GB of RAM


I am not running any mods due to recent bugs and I just repaired the game integrity a few days ago, also due to bugs.

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It probably de synchronized.

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